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Graduated from an ADN program in 1988, and also have a BA in Political Science in 2011. Have 12 years of clinical experience in ER, ICU/CCU, PCU, Float, LTC , Open Heart OR Recovery, PACU and Supervisory. ACLS Instructor, PALS, TNCC and CEN certifications. Also on Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Team. Took hiatus in the year 2000 due to personal issues that are now taken care of and looking forward to coming back to active practice. Also very good with computers and technology. Considering going back to school for Masters.

Posts: 730 (72% Liked) Likes: 1,638

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ER, ICU/CCU, Open Heart OR Recovery, Etc
12 years
Traveling, reading, metaphysics, science, philosophy, mysticism
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