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    I like how the doctor also used this to talk about ovarian cancer as well as benign tumors.

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    Not hard to pass. Once you finish the online portion, you go in and test on the skills before you can receive your card.

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    Oops, I answered the poll with Latex, but I meant Vinyl

    These are the only ones that don't tear up my hands and they need to be powderless.

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    I the three states I have worked in, there were Certified Medication Aids who administered meds. Depending on facilities and states depended on what they could and could not do. IV meds and injects usually were not allowed.

    I have worked with and without med aids. The busy facilities I welcomed them. The nurses still had a fair number of medications they had to do and it worked out well.

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    Curious to hear how yesterday was for you?

    I have a case where the main reason we are there is for the feeding tube.

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    The beginning of this year, I moved from LTC to Private Duty Pediatric nursing. I am loving the PDN. It wasn't hard. I applied to the agencies that do PDN in my area and was hired on.

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    Quote from Oldmahubbard
    In nursing school, almost 30 year ago now, a classmate brought up a similar issue. The instructor's response was "don't take that type of position".
    THIS Don't put yourself in the situation where that would be problematic.

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    The only thing I can say is that now you know where you need to focus the second time around.

    You can start reviewing these items in your books and lecture notes now before you start the class again.

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    There is no way you can compare where it stopped for and stopped for others to determine whether you might have passed or not. If it stops at 85, you either totally bombed it or you excelled.

    Best thing to do is to wait for the results. How long does it take to show up in Texas? I got my initial license in Iowa and it took 48 hours.

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    [QUOTE=mzsuccess;9831565]How long were you in LTC?

    3 years, just left the end of last year for PDN Peds.

    Always use the times like you just mentioned as learning experiences. When you hear them talking about something you didn't quite do correctly, just say something like, "I am not sure I did everything right, what should I be doing or what should I have done better." This lets them know you are open to learning.

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    The only caution I would give is to make sure that if you have not done something, to become trained on the procedure first. Pretty much the only thing we aren't suppose to do is Admission Assessment. Anything else is what the facility decides you don't do.

    Actually Alex, around here, that is not the case. At least has not been my experience here in Texas.

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    Go back. It is hard to fail a class, I have.

    Write down the disease and then put down signs and symptoms, both obvious and not so obvious. What would you assess?

    Yes, give us an example and let us know what you think and the nurses will help you think it through. This is one of those things that gets easier as you do more of them.

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    You are new to the job and right now you are learning it as well as being new to nursing. When I work LTC, I will make out a schedule of what I need to do when. Not detained but general. I would get there at 2 p.m.
    2-4 Report, rounds and vitals
    4-5 blood sugars and the coumadin that was scheduled at this time
    5-5:30 Supper maybe
    5:30 - 6 or 6:30 Supper med pass
    until 7, charting, reviewing orders, labs, and such
    7-8:30 bedtime med pass
    9, scheduled meds that patients requested to be given at this time
    Then charting until end of shift at 10

    Now, you also need to be flexible in case some thing comes up. Fortunately, we did not have to chart on everyone every shift.

    Ask for packets of the paper or the procdures you need for things like falls, sending someone to the hospital, death, etc that come up but not every day. If you have the packet of paper or written down and kept the steps, you can keep that handy to refer to when you need it.

    Ask other nurses for help. It will take a good year to feel comfortable in the job.

    If you do decide that bedside in LTC is not for you, there are other things you can do. Work in an office. Home health, Private duty nursing are some. I left LTC and am doing private duty pediatric nursing and love it.

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    We have a pretty wide scope of practice in Texas. More things here than what I could do in Iowa. If you look at the Scope of Practice of LVN's on the board's website, you will see that it is pretty wide open.

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    It started out as Nurses Day and was on Florence Nightengales' birthday. Then it became nurses week. This year, National Teachers Day fell on a day during this week. So many non teachers are applauding teachers this week. Only other nurses are saying anything about nurses day on my social media.

    The only time I received anything from a boss was the year I was working per diem through and agency. We all received a gift card to the big regional convenience store in our area. WE could use it for whatever we wanted there. This convenience store is a very nice one, in case anyone is wondering and all over the area I lived in at the time.