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    I think it's nasty to not pin up your hair in our line of work. It's just as gross as having long artificial nails.

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    It sounds like you dodged a bullet by being let go. That didn't seem like a good place to learn anything or work and build confidence.

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    Amen! Preach it!!! Especially to the part where you touch on the training a lot of these companies give. 90% of the time it is half assed indeed! I'm sorry but I'm not comfortable watching a (MODERATOR EDIT) YouTube video to learn a procedure I've never done before and then am expected to be able to just do it on the poor patient.

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    I'm in California and staffing ratios sure as hell don't apply in LTC. Having 20+ patients is unsafe.

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    Is the pope Catholic???

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    It's about time.

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    I wouldn't turn it off to listen to breath sounds. You can still hear them pretty decently during auscultation. It just takes some getting used to with the background noise of the machine.

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    My current case:

    The house is dirty and the child's carpet is filthy, there were formula and medication stains on the wall/carpet, yet all the nurses have to take their shoes off because family doesn't want dirt to be tracked inside the house since she's immunosuppressed...(!)

    Supplies and some equipment is broken, dirty, or missing. Had to PO suction once and the thing was broken, so I had to run down stairs and search in the messy garage for a new one.

    Bathroom the child gets a bath in and bath seat were filthy. I took some antibacterial wipes and wiped mildew off of the back of the seat and scrubbed the bath tub out.

    Mom doesn't want nurses suctioning (She doesn't have a trach) her mouth out because everyone does it differently blah blah blah. I do it anyway though because I'll be damed if I let this poor kid choke on her own secretions.

    I could really go on and on.

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    Quote from Avill
    It's a new job, new agency. I see the patient on Monday. If things seem fishy to me I will go back to the agency I was with working PRN. They were excellent in supporting me. This agency, not so much. Not yet at least. Even the case manager seems a bit off, like, just not really into the job, not warm. Not sure how to explain.

    I even asked her if they will reassess if the patient needs less hours as time goes by, she said yes but that she's never seen the hours decrease. Only increase.
    I'd be weary if the case manager seems off. They are your support on the job if something goes wrong or you have concerns about your client's changing condition. The first agency I was with, the case manager was awful. She was so uninvolved and didn't know anything. It was obvious she had no experience.
    My current agency I've been with almost 3 years and I've had 2 wonderful case managers. My favorite was a woman who had several years of ICU and ER experience and was an WCC. She had a wealth of knowledge and was a wonderful teacher.

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    Good lord OP, next time she'll get offended because you asked her if she enjoyed her weekend. Talk about a special snowflake that needs to be handled with kid gloves. In the future, don't bother talking to her about anything unless it's strictly related to the blood sample she'll be taking from your patient.

    I would have asked your manager if she was for real for dumb **** like that.

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    Quote from Cuttykupcake
    It sure wouldn't if I lived closer to SF. Cost of living is high here but thankfully not as high as SF county.
    Are you in Santa Rosa? I used to live there.

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    Quote from Sour Lemon
    I'm thinking, "That was vague." But I agree with you that work can be annoying and I would quit if I had a million, trillion, zillion dollars all to my self.
    Me too. If I never had to work again I'd be ok with it.

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    I don't think working in LTC as an LPN would be any less stressful than if you were working as an RN tbh. Just different responsibilities. I guess it would also depend if you're working as the charge nurse, but I've seen LPN's in LTC working as charge.

    Overall, LTC is going to be stressful whether you're an RN or an LPN.