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    I'm a 23 y.o. single mother of a 3 y.o. I work full time and attend school at night. The last 4 semesters of school have been very overwhelming for me. It takes 4 semesters to make up one year because I attend part time. My problem is I have very bad study habits, and most nights I'm to tired to study. This past semester I took both bio and chem at the same time. I failed both classes. If I can't pass chem and bio how will I pass the nursing courses. I have little or no support from family or friends. Not only am I slacking on my school work, but also my relationship with my daughter is straining.
    I want very much to receive a degree in nursing. But how do I juggle work and school? I was planning on attending full time, but with my study habits I would probably do as bad, besides that how will I manage financially?
    Is there anyone who has been in the same situation, what did you do? Can anyone offer some effective studying tips to a working mother? If there is anyone who overcame the same obstacles and succeeded please share your secret. Is there anyone who left work to attend school full time, if so how did you manage your finances? Lastly how can I succeed in school without compromising my relationship with my daughter, and losing my sanity in the process. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You