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Got my BSN way back in the olden days (1979).

After I graduated, I would keep a stack of resumes in my car, and drop them off at various places. This was before on-line only applications, when you could walk into the Personnel Office and actually get to talk to a living, breathing person.

One day, I was out running errands and decided to stop in at one of the local hospitals. I filled out an application, and when I turned it in, the nice lady in Personnel asked me if I would be interested in Pediatrics-they were getting ready to open a shiny new Peds wing.

I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, with my hair tied back in a scarf (hadn't anticipated having an interview). I thought for about half a second and said "Sure!"

Went to see the Head Nurse (that's what Unit Managers were called back then), we talked for about 30 minutes, and I walked out with my first Nursing job. I was 22.

So began my lifelong journey in the craziness that is Nursing. I'm entering the downside of my career now, after 36 years. Hospice is what I do now, and what I hope to be doing when it's time to hang up my stethoscope.

I take my job very seriously. What I refuse to take too seriously is myself. I have a strange sense of humor sometimes, and believe that sometimes you have to laugh or you'll cry.

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Hospice Nurse
36 years
Old School Whovian (Tom Baker was the best Doctor-Capaldi is a close second). Love sports, reading, not ashamed to admit that I watch TV, love to cook but not enough patience for baking. Have one husband, one daughter and three cats.
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