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Retired RN; from US
Specialty: 18 year(s) of experience in Orthopedics, Med-Surg

Nursing is my third career: I ran a scuba shop for nine years after college. The second year as a shop manager/instructor I learned how to fly. When I closed the shop down, I went into flying full time.

I have survived two plane crashes. The first one didn't put a scratch in either me or any of my passengers. The second one almost killed me. Recovering from it is what led me to nursing.

Now I'm done with it as well. I'm living the good life on a NC barrier island, playing on the computer, keeping up my boat and motorcycle, and maintaining my home and vehicles in the salt air.

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Retired RN
Orthopedics, Med-Surg
18 years
Politics, computers, woodworking, guns
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