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Hi everyone! I will be taking the med dosgage test late this spring before begining clinicals this summer. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good book to help me prepare for this test (or a book of nursing skills in general)?? I am sort of nervous about the test as I have to get a 90% and math is NOT my thing! Thanks for any suggestions!:)


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Calm down ;). The math you need for this test is simple, and this comes from one who NEVER got above a C on a math test until nursing school. If factor lableing or dimensional annalysis doesn't work for you sitck with good old fashioned proprotion ratio, I always use it. Watch for the small stuff , I can't tell you how many people got an incorrect answer to the question 'cause they solved for 1 liter of fluid and the order was for 2000 cc or 2 liters. Pay attention! You'll do fine, the math is really easy.

Katnip, RN

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It will be ok. I passed with a 100 on my test and am a real math moron, and i'm not just saying that. That test caused me more anxiety than any I've taken before or since.

I went through three books, and the one that helped me most and explained it the best was "Clinical Calculations" by Joyce lLFever Kee and Sally M. Marshall.

Good luck to you, you'll do fine.

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Have to agree with Connie,, i wasnt headed for mathmetician by any means. Ratio and proportion method works for me everytime. And keeps me from havint to remember those other formulas that i ALWAYS got mixed up.

And yep to the clinical calculation book. It is the one i used to help me learn the math i needed. It will show you a couple differnt ways to work the problems,, then pick the one easiest for you to remember.


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Thanks everyone for responding and for the vote of confidence! I find that confidence is half of what I need when conquering the evil math!!! In the past I have also found using ratios to be much easier. I'm not positive what is involved in the test in it's entirety, so i wanted to get something to help prepare me know what to expect from it, though I assume they vary school to school?

Cyberkat, I will look for that book...I have seen a bunch of different books at local bookstores with flashy covers and fancy CD-Roms that can be pretty $$$ getting advice from other real nursing students who have actualy used them helps a lot in picking one! Thanks again all!

jschut, BSN, RN

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The only advice I can give is to study and study some more! Do LOTS of problems....pretty soon, it'll come naturally.....the math itself is pretty easy, but watch for the small things, they'll nab you every time!


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At my school we are using the Calculation of Drug Dosages interactive workbook ISBN #0323006981 Can't remember what I paid for it but I don't think it was more than $40-50. Comes with a CD-Rom with practice tests. Also has review of basic fractions, decimals, ratios, conversions, and pre-and post-tests.

I also am taking my med test in the spring, must pass with 95% or above. If we pass we can work as a nurse tech during the summer and 2nd year of school, So I hope I pass!!! If you need any help or a study partner, let me know!!

Just a suggestion



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You'll be right just breathe


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Hey there!

Lots of good advice here!

Since you have a lot of time, why don't you go to the bookstore and take a close look at the books. Then you can go online to someplace like or and put in a search (it helps to have ISBN numbers). You can oftentimes get them for a discounted price new, or, even better- check out the used books if available. I've gotten several brand new nursing books at 50% or greater off of the price!!!! They come in good time and so far all the used books I have purchased have been well packaged. I suggest Amazon for this.

I buy most of my nursing books this way.



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Thanks for the advice everybody!

Jackie- thats a great idea, never thought of it! I will def be checking it out, thanks!


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Originally posted by RN_2_B_5/2004

At my school we are using the Calculation of Drug Dosages interactive workbook ISBN #0323006981

I think we are using the same book !:)

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