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I work on a surgery floor. We have everything from lap nissens, choles, appys to lung/kidney/hips. You see a lot of different things. If you work on a unit like this....what is your average nurse to... Read More

  1. by   kittagirl
    I'm in the Uk too on a 30 bed gastro/endo ward. Lots of de-toxers, and our trained staff/patient ratio is 3:30 on a good day, though normally 2:30.

    We have 4 HCAs/Cnas in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.

    Yesterday day however we had 5 trained, 3 untrained and 3 students!!!
    Strangly enough yesterday was also the day that the DoN was showing the local newspaper around the hospital, gosh I wonder if the two were any way connected???????????????????????????????
  2. by   jo272wv
    I am on nights on med surg and the average is between 5 and 6. Add admits and call offs it can go to 7 easily. I am ok with 6 but after that I go home with the feeling that I did not give the best care I should have. It is really difficault at times because even though we are a large hospital, we are still on paper charting but computers are in the works for November and should ease the workload somewhat.
  3. by   Chaoticdreams33
    Quote from nursesaideBen
    I can't believe that some of the hospitals don't allow the CNA's to blood sugars, I/O, weights, etc! I work on a medical care unit and we do the blood sugars, the vitals, weights, I/O's, and things for the nurses and it really seems to help them out.
    I know!!! We do all that as well as hang feedings and do dressing changes! I can't imagine having the nurse have to do it all!
  4. by   smk1
    In clinicals on the first floor i was on (we just switched) it was 4 patients it was rare to see a 5 patient load though it did happend to one nurse once. I would like to say that I think having students should also come into play with assignments. When you have newer students it slows the whole process down quite a bit at first. ( and only second quarter so nobody flame me) I always feel bad when one nurse gets more than one student. We take longer to pass meds, set up IV's and do a lot of things for quite awhile. It can make the day a lot less organized I have noticed.
  5. by   q12RN
    I have had 12-13 pts before. But we had a med nurse and a CNA for my "hall". Not only surgical pts but I also get the pediatric pts. Thank God for the CNA making rounds b/c on days like this I usually only get to see my pts about 2 times the whole shift....dayshift too. Then all the admits and discharges. Whew....Im transferring to OB tomorrow
  6. by   DolphinRN84
    On days it's usually 3-4 WITHOUT a CNA. If we have a CNA, then it's 5-6.
  7. by   nicenurse1114
    i work in a subacute unit and am responsible for 13-14 pts everyday
    i run from the time i get in till an hour past time to clock out but i love and have learned alot working med-surg
  8. by   KulRN
    I work on a med-surg/ortho floor...we sometimes have team nursing and our ratio is 8:1 (with an LVN and a Tech)..sometimes 1:5 (without and LVN and with 1 tech)...RN's do all the the charting except of vitals and I/O's (this is the tech's responsibiltiy)..The LVN will do all the PO meds, dressing changes/treatment.....Sometimes working without an LVN works better for me.
  9. by   nursbjb00
    is the 4:1 total primary nursing? we have 6 or 7 patients but have techs doing all the adls, we even have advanced techs that can place foleys and do dressing changes... but the unit is always hoppin!
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  10. by   sunneeRN
    I work onc and med/surg night shift. we have 4 nurses on the floor total (thats usually 3 RN's and 1 LPN) for 28 patients, so we each get 7. For 28 patients we have 2 patient care techs at most. We (nurses) do all assessments, documentation on paper, dressing changes, all meds. The techs are usually very busy, so we do a lot of getting people up to the bathroom, ambulating them in the halls, etc as well. I dont mind it at all, only when i am so busy that i can't sit down or pee, or eat for 12 hours. We also do our own chart checks.
    The most time consuming task, though, is passing meds. we have computerized MAR and usually only 1-2 computers working on the floor so we have to share...takes me at least 2 hours to pass my 9pm meds!
  11. by   Sean 91
    10 to 12 pts per nurse on a med-surg floor nights if one of the scheduled nurses calls in, which is frequent. With 10-12 pts it's not patient care, it is paper care. And it becomes a 15-hr shift. Very infrequently it is as low as 7 pts nights which makes one feel like a real nurse. Staffing used to be better when the premium offered for extra shifts was as much as $40/hr ("shift bidding") but that was cut to an extra $10/hr more and people feel it's not usually worth it because you still end up working short-staffed.

    The CEO has said in private that he had 11 pts when he was a nurse so if we nurses get that many it shouldn't be a problem, while at the same time he claims that the hospital has a 1:5 ratio and anything higher is just errent, which is patently untrue. He has no compassion for nurses on the line. It is all about the bottom line.
  12. by   Sean 91
    Oh, I forgot telemetry...we're med-surg telemetry. Last week one overnight I had 12 pts (another nurse had 12 and the thrid nurse had 13 pts), and 8 of those 12 were telemetry. Last night I had 10 pts, five of whom were telemetry. A few nights ago I had only 8 pts total overnight and that was like heaven.
  13. by   onduty23
    how is it legal to have that much patient

    are the patient getting quality care

    more than 7 is too much