Under Appreciated and Irritated

  1. Ok, I have worked on the Med/Surg floor for 4 years. One of our charge nurses recently quit and the Manager gave the position to a nurse with only 6 months experience on our floor. I didn't want the position, but feel angry that I wasn't even asked. Has anyone been in a situation like this and how did you deal with it. My boss assures me I'm doing a good job, but always passes me over when there is a promotion to be given. Very frustrating!
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  3. by   larniegrl
    I had a situation like that at my old job. I had been nursing for 3 years, completed my CMSRN, actively involved as a mentor/preceptor to new graduate/hires, always the superuser for new equipment/programs, and was interested in the educators position on the unit.

    The educator was leaving to move across the country. I had a good relationship with my unit manager (or so I thought), and I let her know that I would like to apply for the position. She told me that theoretically she could not just give me the position, even though she thought I was perfect for it, but that she had to post it for a week and make sure others had an opportunity apply as well. It made total sense, so I waited. She told me to make time with the current educator to learn the ropes, which I did, and everything seemed fine.

    Another nurse and I interviewed for the position. She was not involved at all with education, except as a preceptor, but she had 6 years of experience. We both interviewed very well, but they gave her the job. On one hand I understand, that she had more experience as a MS nurse, but on the other, I had much more experience in education and the way the job would work as an educator. Not to mention the effort I had put forth to get training from the current educator. I was pretty angry afterwards.

    It did not help to know that they were friends.
  4. by   Palliative Care, DNP
    I would suggest that you speak to the manager about the situation. You admitted that you would not have wanted the position. Could it be that was the impression your manager had and so she did not bother even asking? My point is that sometimes we are not always aware of how we come across to others.
  5. by   RexRN
    no. I will just dozmy job and let the new dumb charge nurse hang herself. Other peoe get paid lots of money to make those decisions. If I made a decision that was better someone would have to go. And who do you think that would be?
  6. by   nola1202
    My unit coordinator said right in front of me that she was going to assign a nurse to be charge even though she hated it. Reason? She was little, cute, with long hair, blushed easily and all the MD's old and young, esp the mean ones lightened up around her. They might pitch a fit in with one of us, but never this one. I admit, I was jealous. I wasn't jealous enough to want the job though!
  7. by   tokmom
    Yep, a nurse and I were up for the same position and she got it, even though I had more experience, and did every committee under the sun. She worked her shifts and went home.
    At that time, there were two FT charge nurses. The one that took the job that I didn't get and this other one that was awful. I made sure I stood out to others, knowing this other bad one was going to be fired. Sure enough, 6 months later, she was let go. I got her position, so we both ended up as charge in the long run. But yeah, I was annoyed a bit I wasn't chosen, because I was way more qualified, but the boss had made up his mind even before the interview.

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