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During my med surg clinicals this week my pt. had larnyx removed, stoma w/yonker (sp) & ng feeding tube. Pt was to be d/c but feeding tube came out....Dr was paged & paged & paged.....mad he had to... Read More

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    (My computer booted me off)

    You did a good thing. I wasn't saying you should not have spoken up, just be careful about your approach. More people should do the same.

    Good luck!
    Just got the rest of your post after I posted. Thanks! that makes it a lot clearer! I appreciate your concern.....Good luck to you as well.
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    It sounds like this patient was really hurt. Why did he not complain? That's what I would want to get to the bottom of then take it from there. This is a personal choice. You have to decide how far you are willing to go with this and consider the potential consequences. The best advice I ever got from my preceptor as new grad was "Choose your battles wisely."
    Don't let this scare you off from nursing. You will be a good nurse.
    One possible explanation of why the patient did not complain or scream out in pain is that he was surrounded by healthcare professionals, both nurses and a doctor. He was led to believe that this was normal procedure since nobody else complained about it. The patient can't know if a procedure is done correctly, but the doctor and nurses sure could. If they didn't respond, how could the patient be expected to?

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    I know that this was very painful for the patient and the fact he wasnt able to verbalize the pain the way he was treated was horrible. I actually am concerned about the tension on the suture causing necrosis at the nare. The sting of the stich is there and gone,but the disfigurment and further pain caused by circulation being disrupted can be carried by the patient long after the tube has been removed.

    I suggest you go to the risk manager (whoever gets incident reports and has the legal obligation to follow up on reports) in that facility, along with your instructor and verbalize your concerns. All they have to do is go visit the patient, pull the chart and see what the documentation reflects. The doctor is requrired by law to document any procedures done on the patient, and if the documentation isnt there he will have to correct it.
    Then,, i suggest you try to forget it and move on. Understand that everyone isnt compassionate when it comes to patients and you cannot control some siutations. I know it sounds harsh, but you can make yourself completely nuts taking on everyone's burdens for your own. Some things you just cant control.
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    In our facility we have a Corporate Integrity Hotline, you can report anything and anyone, there is a few different ways email, telephone, and in person. Can and usually is done anonymous. Anyway that is one way to report this, I thought this was a federal thing to have corporate integrity, a way of reporting things.
  5. by   bay bay
    Don't ever resonsider your dream of becoming a nurse! This was a learning experience for you. If you think real hard, I bet you can think of 3 positive pieces of knowledge you gained by this experience. I had a similar experience watching my first C-Section. Made me sick. (And at least the woman had some pain med.) But it was just the whole "man handling" and poor bedside manner that got to me. I recently started working as a Hospice Nurse. All I can say is: I found my calling. You should check out the hospice thread. I bet you will truly be moved. And possibly even consider it in the future. Best of luck!!!!

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