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Hi Everyone' I'm a student nurse entereing my rotation on a med-surg unit and I need to buy a stethoscope. I would like to know what scopes any of you are presently using, are you happy with it... Read More

  1. by   kaylynn
    Here is another good site I found if you are looking for stethoscopes,

    It appears they don't actually sell any scopes on this site, that they just provide information about the different brands available. They have a directory on thier site, listing the different brands as well as companies who sell them online.
  2. by   AMV
    Well, I went and tried out several stethoscopes and decided on a Master Classic II. It was about the same price as the Ultrascope and even the Stethoscope just below the Master Classic in price - the Classic II let me hear breath and heart sounds better than the Ultrascope. I have heard a lot of people say the opposite, but wanted to share my view point here.

    Most places will let you try the stethoscopes out (I brought my family with me) and will then clean the ear pieces. I am glad I did try these out and compare them with each other and am very happy with the quality. Also, this stethoscope was way beyond my old Lightweight Littman.
  3. by   MelissaCT
    Does anyone own a DRG stethoscope?

    I've been reading up on them and they seem to have better accoustics than the Littmann's, based on the tubing and eartips.

  4. by   Nursem2003
    I am a student also.I have a Littman, too. They are by far the best stethoscopes in my opinion. They are what my instructors encouraged us to buy. I got mine from They have a really good selection and they're reasonably priced. They will even engrave your name.
  5. by   MelSky
    i have a prestige medical stethoscope. the sound quality is good, it's lightweight, and it was cheap-14$. littmans are very good too, but can be costly for students. i found that on e-bay they can be purchased for less.
  6. by   c.wicks
    For what it's get what you pay for......
  7. by   shrek
    I have had a few over the years...but when I started using the Littman CIII, I knew there was no comparasion. I wondered why I waited so long to get one. In my's the best. it's like night and day. Good luck!!
  8. by   canadian
    I have an ultrascope and highly recommed it. I can do an awesome assessment through clothing with no problems. I It looks heavy,but isn't when compared to a cardiology scope. It also has thick tubing which helps with sound transmission...and the best thing about it is how funky it looks...if anyone stole my scope I would know!
  9. by   purplesdk
    I used a Limann stethoscope while in school and found it good. After school I purchased a stethoscope from a nursing catalog and found it better than the one I used in school.

    This stethoscope can only be found in this catalog "NURSES STATION". The name of the stethoscope is CARDIOCARE STETHOSCOPE and it runs about $40.00. It is great, it looks odd, but it blocks out a lot of the background noises that you may hear with other stethoscopes. You are able to hear heart sounds and breath sounds much clearer with it.

    You can look at, or order the catalog through their web site :

    I love mine and plan on purchasing anotherone in the near future.:hatparty:
  10. by   rosemadder
    I love my works great and is individualized....(sea scene with name engraved and lavendar tubing) cost me around $120.00 with everything...also docs remember it's not theirs because it is one has walked off with it yet!
  11. by   hospicemom
    as a student, lithman classic an Rn...cardiacIII......classic is about 100 bucks...cardiology.....about 200
  12. by   sunnyjohn
    What company makes the Ultrascope? Or is that the company name?
  13. by   KrisRNwannabe
    I have a Littman master cardiology. it was expensive but I have a slight hearing loss in one ear from my previous job so i wanted a good. All my classmates envy it but from a far. i don't let anyone use it. if i am not using it is on my hip clip. the last thing i want is my steth in someone elses ears, yuck! plus i don't want it growing legs and walking away.