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Hello all, m/s nurses out there, how many pt admit and discharges on your typical shift? And just curious what state r you in. Thnx.... Read More

  1. by   luckynurse_1234
    Nevada and it literally depends on what day of the week. Tues/Weds/Thurs are peak surgery days for us so it gets crazy, then the MDs don't want to have to come in on the weekend so they try to discharge all the patients on Friday. I work general Med-Surg.
  2. by   Bubwa
    I work days in CO and it is for sure a "mixed bag". Generally I have 4-5 pts. and it just depends on the day. I can say that one of my more challenging days I started with 5 pts., 4 of which were discharged, and then I got 4 admits. Crazy.
    The amount of time spent on a discharges can be really varied as well. Some physicians write really nice specific discharge instructions, on the discharge papers; while others leave so many loose ends you end up having to call them for clarifications, and work with the case managers to get the transporter set up and the home O's set up and yada yada yada. I guess the same is true for admits too, sometimes you will have a 0.5 page of orders and other times you will have 4 pages of orders to verify. Med/Surg is like a box of chocolates.
  3. by   sistasoul
    Woek 3 to 11. Usually have one post op and one admit. Ortho/neuro floor so the orders are usually 3-4 pages on each. We get medical patients too. Those orders are usually only one to two pages. Then you have all of the admission data and history to do on each person which is also time consuming. And all the while there are medications to pass at the same time and various other needs of your other patients. May get one to two discharges on 3-11 shift. It is so hard to juggle all of this.
  4. by   noreenl
    My personal record is eleven discharges/admissions on a 3-11 shift on a telemetry unit!
  5. by   MLMRN1120
    I work on a med surg tele unit in pa. Most nights (I work 7p-7a), I can expect to get at least 2 admissions, Sometimes 3. Our max is 6:1, generally high acuity. usually the first one from the ED arrives as I am in report, which is a nice unsafe and stressful start to the shift, as the ED will often send up several patients between 1900-1920.
    Rarely have any dc's, they occur more on days on my unit.

    Edit to add: our usual amount as a whole can be up to 12-15 admits per night
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