Med-Surg-Tele- staffing

  1. What is an approriate RN-pt ratio on a med surg tele floor.
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  3. by   Repat
    When I was hired I was told 1/5, but we rarely work that. Usually 1/6, occasionally 1/7 (scary).
  4. by   RNPATL
    Same here ... we like 1:5, but we get 1:6 or 1:7 and in some instances 1:8. Not a good thing.
  5. by   susanmary
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  6. by   RNKPCE
    I work tele we are 1:5 all shifts now with California state ratios. Prior to Jan 1st we were 1:4or5 days, 1:4-6 pms and, 1:5-7 nocs.

    The acuity of level of tele patients differs from hospital to hospital. Also what drips or treatment that can be done on that unit differs as well.

    We do heparin, lido, dilt, integrillin, procainamide,fenlodapam, renal dopamine drips. We also give adenosine, corvert, atropine.

    We get stable open hearts the 1st post -op day(if extubated), coronary interventions without art-lines. And just about anything else that walks in the door that needs cardiac monitoring.
  7. by   susanmary
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  8. by   RNKPCE
    The med-surg floors in our hospital have a ratio of 6:1. Next year they will go 5:1. They say we are med-surg with tele, but freq we have docs send patients to us not necessarily for tele but for "closer watching" . Our hospital also has a TCU which is between ICU and med-surg,tele. But the line is pretty grey at times between our pt and the TCU.

    However the nurses in TCU have 4:1 and their pt are usually very heavy, we all think TCU should be no more than 3:1. They have a very high turnover rate in staff.
  9. by   laurakoko
    I work on a Med/Surg floor with 1:7. No regard to acuity, it is the same on days and on nights, alll about numbers. It is VERY scary!:uhoh21:
  10. by   Liz'02RN
    we also monitor anything that needs telemetry and 1 day post op cabg, etc.
    we carry 1 to 4-5 on days 6 with a LPN
    we carry 1 to 5-7 on evenings 8 with a LPN
    we carry 1 to 6-8 on midnights
    usually the larger numbers are what we see, with very few #'s in support staff.
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  11. by   peaceful2100
    While I work on a basic surgical care floor where the ratios at night is 1 nurse per every 6-7 patients sometimes even 8 or 9 patients for 1 nurse. With a PCT it is any where from 8-11 with a PCT and with a LPN it is any where from 11-13 with a LPN.

    My friend works on a TELE floor and the other night she had 7 patients by herself. SCARY, SCARY, SCARY.

    I have been a R.N. on med-surg for 7 months now and I honestly love helping people but the ratios keep gettting worse and worse and I hate to say that it is probably going to end up making me end up leaving as soon as my contract is finished in June 2005. I fear for my license each and every night because I have too many patients to care for and I can't give my patients good quality care no matter how hard I try when I am up to my eyeballs. I had 10 patients the other night with a PCT which was a first for me. I had 2 admits back to back. I had 2 patients who were fall risks and kept trying to get up and hurt themselves. I had a patient family who got extremely upset because I couldn't come talk to them right away because I had other priority things to do. A patient who was beginning to crash and very quickly. I did not finish passing all my 2100 meds until a little after midnight. The charge nurse had 10 patients herself with a PCT. They don't care anything about acuity any more. Plus the hospital I work for is talking about obtaining Magnet status over the next couple of years. YEAH RIGHT. Not with those nurseatient ratios. I go home crying every morning after the shifts I work because I honestly feel I have not given all my patients true justice and the best quality care possible even though I honestly try hard.

    If I could leave now I would but I need to finish my contract. I refuse to stay in a envirnoment like that and plus a hospital that tells the public nothing but lies. I talked to quite a few of the people I graduated with and they said they doubt they will stay beyond their contracts given the current situation and envirnoment.
  12. by   J Lynn
    You guys are gettin' me scrrrred :uhoh21: ! I just applied to an Internal Medicine Telemetry unit and I have no idea what I'm in for (being a brand new nurse, and all). It was the only unit that is offering weekend nights which is what i want. And being a new nurse, I can't be too picky about where i start out. I just want Med/Surg experience so I can go on to get my RN and feel comfortable while doing it.