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I will be graduating from a RN program in December. Everyone in my group seems to "know" their niche. Most are looking towards CCU/ICU and anything else with a "CU" after it. I am in an ADN program... Read More

  1. by   mstigerlily
    I always kind of like med-surg too, but ended up going to postpartum. I liked the variety and the skills/experience that you get. I did not like the ratios and the high turnover of patients and the fact that I didn't get a lot of time to spend with my patients (I like teaching and hands-on care, spending time with people).

    Then again, I get a little taste of med-surg sometimes with our gyn surgery patients. One of them had a major code brown the other night whcih really made me rethink the med-surg idea. THAT I don't miss.

    Quote from JustJen
    Thanks for all of your replies. It makes me feel better to know that I am not such an oddball!
  2. by   nurscee
    I graduated about a year ago. I said " I will NEVER do med/surg or peds!" Never say never. I am on a med/surg/peds floor (although I stay pretty much away from peds for now)
    Anyway, I love that the learning never stops and that I am getting a good foundation of skills. And for most days I love being so busy that the day just zooms by.
  3. by   Hopalong
    Sounds like you work on a M/S unit with good peers who bring you along properly. We also assign Peds to the more experienced, some take only 1 in thier pt load , some take more. Welcome to our world.
  4. by   SFCardiacRN
    It's nice to hear from nurses that love med-surg. During my school clinicals, I did not find even 1 RN that liked working the floors and I thought all nurses hated this specialty. Perhaps the new mandated Pt. ratios will improve job satisfaction in california.
  5. by   marylyric
    Quote from SFCardiacRN
    God Bless the MedSurg nurse. We sure need 'em. But...my last clinical day in school was the last time I would ever do it again. Med Surg is no doubt the hardest and least respected job in the hospital!

    I totally agree. I have given my 2wks notice. I have been hired at a state mental hospital. Benefits are excellent;such as pension, long term disability. I have also been offered a fellowship in NICU, which is what I wanted to do originally,but now I am thinking of doing a program called RN TO MD which is through a medical school in antiqua.
  6. by   gypsyangelrn
    I think I've finally developed terminal Nursehiemers!! Came to my present job 7 months ago...Med/Surg Tele. I hated it at first...I was a Cardiac Nurse before. But, I've actually grown to love it. So much variety for this old nurse...and telemetry too! I get to use alot of my 30 years of knowledge, plus alot of new nurses that use me as a resource and make me feel useful. Never thought I would say I love Med/Surg! :roll :roll :lol_hitti
  7. by   Thunderwolf
    Love Med Surg too.

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