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I recently found out about the Board Certification for Med/Surg through the ANCC(through the ANA). I am interested in studying for this and acquiring this certification. Anyone have this or other... Read More

  1. by   robbiewil
    Dear Nightingale-
    I just passed my med-surg certification exam thru ANCC today- (YAY!) but I can't find anywhere what initials go after my name. Can you help?
  2. by   robbiewil
    Hello! Please scroll down and see #27 post- thanks!
  3. by   arms
    I just had my Certification last October at MSNCB paper and pen. I didn't go for any review class or bought any review materials. I just used my old NCLEX-CDs and go through the concept -MED-SURG from Lippincott, Mosby, Saunders (old reviewers). Just study everynight after work if not tired and answered Q and A's at least 10 to 20 items because I find it so draining after work answering more than 20. If I'm off and in the mood, I would answer 50 to 100 Q and As. It's really worth, I was little cramming a night before the exam, I still studied a little, I slept late and got up early. Well, I was sleeply and so I did take energy drink to keep me awake and prayed. Just used some test taking strategies - elimination when I ddn't really know the answer. During the exam, I was very calm though. I reviewed those answers I was doubtful by placing a mark in the questionnaire that I have to go back. 4 hour-exam. Whew! I'm not a paper and pen test-taker because I lose patience easily but I made it. Just believe in yourself and pray of course.
  4. by   3months
    :typingJust took the ANCC MedSurg certificate exam on Feb, 2nd. It's not hard at all. I was surprised.

    This is a computer based exam. 175 questions totally and the first 25 doesn't count for the score. You have 3 and half hours to finish all of them and you will know your score as soon as you finish the exam. The passing score is 350.

    I believe that if you've been working in MedSurg for at least 2years, you won't have problem to pass the exam even though you don't have time to review.

    I used a book for med-surg certificate which one of my colleagues used 10years ago when she took the exam. I didn't finish the whole book though since it's so boring to read. I was also using the CD for NCLEX from Saunder's. But after the exam, I found that what they asked is much different from what I prepared. Instead of testing your knowledge about disease, they asked a lot of questions about foundations of nursing, Legal and ethical aspects,Therapeutic communications.

    Anyway, don't be afraid of it. They want us to pass otherwise, nobody will willing to take it anymore.
  5. by   AngelsRN
    Thanks for the info --- I am taking this test on June 4th and am getting nervous not sure what to study etc. I have a review book, but sometimes, after working all day, and overtime, it is so difficult to bring myself to study. I am trying to have faith that i know more than I think I do, but . . .

    thanks again!
  6. by   MedSurgeMess
    Quote from RN-PA
    On another note, I've decided that I'm not willing to get the 150 CEU credits needed every five years to maintain my certification. My hospital will only pay for one conference/year and I'm not willing to shell out the money needed to pay for all those CEU's. If I have to, I'll retake the exam. (Our hospital will reimburse the cost of the exam if you pass.) We don't get any extra benefits for being certified, but I wanted to prove to myself I could do it and I'm glad I did.
    If you are certified through AMSN, then all you have to do is go online if you're a member and get the free CE's. I got my CMSRN in May '08 and already have my 150 credits