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How do the rest of you med surg nurses feel about having 8 or 12 hour shifts? I was reading in a nursing magazine that its tough to work a 12 hour shift on med surg because its exhausting. While... Read More

  1. by   wjf00
    I Like 12's as well, but I will be damned if I will work over 8 hours for straight time. I work 12 only when I FEEL LIKE IT. And I get time and a half to do it.
  2. by   nightnurse7
    Quote from RN2B07
    Prior to nsg, I never worked more than 8 hr shifts. I was a little nervous at first, but they arent as bad as I had imagined. I love them and couldnt imagine going back to 8 hrs. Ironically 8 hr shifts seemed to drag more than 12. But I am not gonna lie, I work on a very bust M/S ortho floor and am pretty beat when I come home. But 4 days off makes up for it.
    I agree! Getting to work is half the battle. Once I am at there I would just as soon do 12 and get it over than have my 4 days off.
  3. by   seagull
    Hi! I've tried working for both schedule, both have their pros and cons but personally I prefer to work :spin: on the 8 hour shift. Its more apt for me and I can say I am productive and can concentrate better.
    Have a blessed day all... Happy Nurses day!
  4. by   mayflower2000
    I prefer also to work 8 hr shifts rather than 12 hour shift. I could function effectively and more productive. With 12 hour shift, i was so tired and less effective. I work 5 days a week but more happier and energetic.:spin:
  5. by   kell1566
    we do 2 12's 2 8's and oddly enough i love stayin for 12s bc it seems like you have so much more time to do your work..... in 8 hrs u feel overwhelemd i mean you have ths same amt of work just in 4 hours less.... althought waking up on an 8 hr day and knowing ull be home fast isnt bad either haha!!
  6. by   aakrn
    What IS the worse of two evils? I use to work 2 -12's and 1- 8hour shift a week.........that was great. Now I am in a new place and work 4- 12's in a row to top it off! We work 4 off 4. At first I was working two days (7am -7pm) followed by two nights (7pm-7am)...yes all in a row. Talk about complete exhaustion! I begged for all nights but still drag working 4 in a row. To make matters worse people ask for you to work for them so this week I am on for 5 12's in a row so my 3 days off will be wasted sleeping! And NO OT!!!
  7. by   CodeBlack
    I like 12 hour shifts and having more days off to recuperate.
  8. by   marie39
    Well I just did my first six months of nursing on a surgical floor, 12 hour shifts...but on the third day in a row of 12's I fainted from exhaustion and bashed my head on the floor!!! Now I am reconsidering... I can't handle the 12 hours, obviously! Especially 3 in a row, it's just torture. It literally destroyed me!

    I have not gone back to nursing duties yet but I am seriously considering going somewhere where I can do 8 hour shifts.
  9. by   ~'JesusRocks'~
    i loveee 12 hr shifts. i do 3 in a row and then have 4 off in a row. allows me to have a life..go to school, be w/ my family, vacation. and when i want to take PTO allows me to have like 2 wks off at a time. another advantage is the fact that i usually get the same pt all 3 days, i know them and they know and trust me. plus your pts get continuity of care, my pts love it. sometimes i will admit and be w/ the pt their whole stay. by the 2nd day i can anticipate what the pt needs are and be on top of them. the MD also gets to know you for those days and its easier to work w/ them. so i wouldnt want it any other way.
    some nurses have told me that 3-12s in a row is hard, but if you can its great.
  10. by   mamiekay
    I guess what everyone's really saying is that only you can decide if you can work 12's. I started on 8's, night shift. I always felt like I was struggling to keep up and rarely got out on time in the mornings. It was a little easier to participate in family life on the days I worked, and recuperation didn't take as long. BUT...in my facility, if you work 12's, you work every 3rd w/e instead of every other. Especially with nights, I felt like I was missing out on too much family time. Now I work 3 in a row most of the time, occasionally do a trade & do 4, which I actually like. It can be tough, but I'm all about the days off! Most of the time I get to keep my same patients & just pick up a couple new ones at 11p, so it does make the night a little smoother. I already know 3-4 of my patients so changes & progress are easier to track. Occasionally I either float the first 4 or take a few patients on our unit & then get "bumped" to a new pt load. That bites! But it doesn't happen often. I wouldn't trade my 12's for anything and am just biding my time until a day shift opens, which won't happen for a couple years.
  11. by   dfs1961
    Love my 12 hour shifts. I work two 12's a week, have 5 days off and feel like I am a stay at home mom who gets out twice a week and uses her mind. Love my job and my 12's!
  12. by   CBJ123
    the twelve hour shifts are worth the extra days off during the week. the only draw back for me is i have little ones and daycare around here isnt open 24hrs a day. 630am-6pm. i have to be at work at 645 and dont get off till after 7pm. but i think thats the only real draw back.
  13. by   admorn03
    I love working 12 hours. I work at a hospital 45 minuites from home for this very reason, not only becaue of the 12 hour shifts but also because I work weekends only. Friday and Saturday 7p-7a. I love it. I have the whole week off with my kids to help with school, volunteer, and take better care of myself 9ie. massages/spa day/me day). Some of my co-workers ask me how come I don't work at one of the 4 hospitals 15 minutes from my home, especially with the Wisconsin winters. It is simply at this time, because I only work 24 hours a week but get paid for 36 hours. Sweet. the other hospitals near me have only 8 hours as far as I could see, and to tkae care of two kids 8 and 13 on a single income, I would have no choice but to work fulltime.

    Could you imagine working 10days 8 hour nights out of a 2 week period. I could not, I would loose my mind. Because I love night shift. Days are way to disorganized and hectic. There is plenty going on to keep one busy on nights believe me.