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Hey everyone! Been a trauma nurse for almost 5 years now and really feeling the burn. I've become very interested in medical sales and wondering if anyone has any experience with this. Any advice? I'm not currently working as a nurse right now because I have been a travel nurse the past two years and finally decided to head home to Charlotte NC and settle down. Any advice, recommendations, or connections would be greatly appreciated!

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Maybe connecting with a professional headhunter might be a search option for you. One who has contacts with medical sales clients.

Thank you so much!

You have to do your research regarding medical sales. I wanted out of the hospital and did my research. Realized it was not a good fit for me, as I am not a salesperson.

I did not find medical sales to be a viable option. I had a good friend that tried it. She burnt out fast.. when she realized it was a whole lot of driving.. waiting to be seen by the almighty physician for hours, and never getting a chance to give her spiel.

Best wishes.

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If you're looking to "head home and settle down" then being a rep/sales is probably not what you're looking for. I have a friend that formerly worked in patient care with me and is now a medical device rep, she's on the road the majority of time, and while some of her coverage area includes her home city she's working 60-65 hours a week even when in her home area (no overtime pay either since she's salaried).

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