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Hi everyone! I am slowly transitioning full-time into Home Health Care. The agency I am currently with, does not offer Medical Insurance to the RN's, LPN's or CNA's. Does anyone out there know of either national companies or companies in florida that offer Medical Benefits to their RN's? Thanks! :redbeathe

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I work for Bayada nurses and we have health insurance for part time & full time workers. It's not cheap though.


No employer provided heath insurance is cheap or even reasonable for many people. They will tell you though that the insurance offered is pretty standard. The best I found was with a local company. The employee could pay into the system for any week they did not work enough hours to have the employer cover the required premiums.

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I am a PDN in Ohio. i went online and did a basic search for insurance. I ended up with a Blue Shield. i have two kids and a husband who is out of work right now. It was pricey but one must do what one must do. I think most national insurance companies even in Florida will offer a competetive price, you just have to look hard to find it.

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