Med Pass


This week is our functional med Pass.

We all passed Pharm. Therory/Labs/Math

I am just a little nervous any encouragment, or things to remember

I have my drug book & my teacher will be there, but this is a little exciting and nerve racking.

I never want to make a med error

Wish me luck

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Relax just a bit, your professor will be there to make sure that you won't make an error and take it to the bedside. It is nerve wracking but you will do fine and it does get easier. This coming from a former student who called a girlfriend that is a LTC nurse whining that I had to give 14 meds that day. She nearly fell on the floor laughing at me. :D


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Wish me luck

Wishing you luck !!!!! :) Seriously, though, take your time and triple-check (at least...heh) your meds against the MAR scheduling ....... nobody ever wants to make med errors, but, unfortunately, accidents do happen occasionally.....take your time and be thorough - it'll be fine !!!

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Good Luck! Just remember, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. Translation: if the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, check the order in the chart, double check the 5 Rs, ask someone if they would give it, ask the patient if they've had this before and when, or whatever it takes to satisfy yourself that you are not making an error.


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My med pass is tomorrow

I will pass meds to 7 Pts

I only knoe for sure the meds on my Pt, but I know so far

2 are on insulin- FS-before hand

Most are on Antihypertensives- BP- before

1 on tenormin- Apical pulse-Before hold if less then 60:D- My teacher drilled this into us

I hope I remember the 3 checks and 6 rights

My teacher is trying to scare the Cr#@p out of us, So we do not make a mistake.

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