what does this mean? -- searching for a school nurse position


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Hello, I have been job searching and have been dabbling in looking for school nurse positions.  I want to apply to a position I found but am confused on what the position would consist of.  The title is "Full Time School RN/LPN (contract position)" and states in the job description "1:1 with elementary student (asphyxiation concern)"

Does this mean I would only be paired with 1 student all day every day?

I appreciate any insight on the matter as well as anything I should know while on this job search!


Jedrnurse, BSN, RN

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Yes, that's what this means. Often, students with acute medical conditions have 1:1 nurses in school. (And on the bus/van for that matter...)

sleepwalker, MSN, NP

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This is for a skilled para position. You're the child's 1:1 based on contract.  Most likely not being hired  for a per se school nurse position...but you'd have to inquire specifically about the status

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In our district, that would be a RN who is only with that student all day, rides the bus, etc.  The 1:1 nurse only cares for that one student, does not provide any care for any other students in the district. We hire our 1:1 through the district so that if the student is absent from school, the 1:1 can still report to work and help with overflow in the nurse's office.  Some districts go through agencies, and if that is the case, the 1:1 does not work or get paid if the student is not in school.

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also...our child's 1:1 was hired by the school district but on a yearly basis. The contract had to be renewed every year.