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A MDS positon may be opening in my company soon so I thought I may start a new thread on salary ranges. I have been told by a former administrator that about $65,000 per year is the norm in Idaho/Utah and that many companies pay hourly so you get overtime.

FYI-My interest in MDS increased when my DON said she regretted not staying in MDS as it was a less stressful job. She states that MDS coordinators are in high demand and can make as much as a DON? Not sure if that is true.


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Seems I need to move then. I'm only hitting 50k on straight time. I'm in East Texas, though. Very rural. More cows than people. ;)


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As a MDS nurse (LPN) with 14 years experience, my highest pay was $20 an hour. I'm in MS. Got out of MDS nursing for many reasons, one of them being the ever growing corporate greed, but I digress since you did not ask about the pros and cons of MDS nursing.

P.S. MDS nursing is pretty stressful, but a different kind of stress than bedside nursing.

I am an lvn and make approx 50,000 a year. The stress is not worth the money.

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My MDS nurses make nowhere near what I make.Why should they? I am responsible for everything in the building. They are only responsible for MDS's. They are making between 70 and 75k.

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MDS is making about $65,000 near my big lake (midwest). My corporation states that the MDS is not allowed to be on call, is not allowed to be assigned weekend manager, not allowed to be assigned dining room manager, etc. "They are so busy and need to really concentrate on their MDS's".

As a 10+ year former MDS coordinator and current DON I say "OH PLEASE"!!!!!!! The MDS coordinator IS extremely important to the entire reimbursement & operation of the facility and that job is stressful and difficult but I'm struggling to figure out why their time off is anymore precious than mine (in regards to not taking call). And really, you honestly think the rest of us aren't busy?

Thinking once I get my kids out of college I will be rejoining the MDS world. Although it could be stressful it was way more cushier than DON position.


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It sounds like the MDS is different depending on the location. The reason most facilities pay good money for the MDS nurse is because they are dealing with the reimbursement and all for profit facilities look at the numbers. I haven't had the experience of the MDS nurse making more than me as a DNS, nor will I accept that. They do however get more than staff development and RCM. It also depends on the desperation too. If you have a facility that will train for the MDS 3.0 go for it


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I have been an LPN for 38 years Been doing MDS for 8. Love it. It is stress full at time but different. I became certified 3 years ago. I make good money. Different areas and the size of the nursing facilities make the difference in pay scales. Anyone who thinks MDS coordinators jobs aren't important needs to step back and look at their next pay check. MDS nurse have to play with date work with nursing and therapy and doctors to get the highest rug score they can. They are is constantly working on rate and cmi. Audits by corporate, Myers and Stauffers, state surveyers. But with that being said: There isn't any thing else I would do. Love MDS. One thing I've learned is you either love it or you need to get out. There is no gray area. I have worked with nurses who thought it was an easy job and money was good. They didn't care about residents or Rugs/ Rates. Didn't want to put any effort into it. Love learning and digging to get the information I need to accomplish a task. Love the 1:1 time I get interviewing residents. So figure out what you want to make as an LPN then add 5.00 to it as a MDS nurse. That is how I looked at it when I took job. Landed they first one I applied for 8 years ago. Enjoy the job. :)

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