Work schedules, nights, weekends, holidays?

  1. Hello everyone, just wondering what everyone else's work schedule is like. At my old facility, me and the other MDS nurses were expected to come in the weekends prior to when survey was "expected". Also, holidays weren't in writing, but we felt pressured to show up on the holiday. Also, when survey was there, we couldn't go home until they did, and if a survey were to start at 2am they would expect us to roll out of bed to be there. Were the expectations crazy, or about right? It would be interesting to know...
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  3. by   poohmdsnurse
    In my facility I am required to work Mon-Fri 7 am -3 pm. No weekends - only if I chose to do so- I am given the opportunity to flex my schedule as I see fit but only to work 75 hrs in a 2 week period. No overtime !! Holidays are a BIG NO-NO as it is double time and a half - toooo much $$$$.
    When it comes to State- I am willing and want to be here when they come in and when they leave as I would sit home and wonder what they are homing in on at this time- and that way I can defend myself when asked.
  4. by   catnip3
    I, too, work Mon-Fri, hours are pretty flexible (a GREAT + in my job!), and no weekends, holidays, on-call, or supervisory coverage. The DOH was in recently and though they came on my day off, I didn't get called in. But when I'm working and DOH is in, I stay till they go for the day and then help management and administration with the DOH's findings and find what is needed that DOH requests. That can be a long day, from 7am to 7-8pm.
  5. by   nyteshade
    Thanks for sharing...I don't currently work in MDS, but may consider returning in the future. It helps to know which questions to ask at interview time, about schedule expectations. The weekend/holiday thing was just one of the reasons for leaving.
  6. by   CapeCodMermaid
    When I was the PPS MDS coordinator, I worked Monday through Friday from 8-4 or 9-5. I did not work weekends or holidays. I was,however, expected to never take time off near month's end so the billing could get out. Since I am big on TEAM, of course I was there for the entire survey.
  7. by   mdsdebbie
    I work M-F 8-4:30, no weekends or Holidays. I am salary, so I am expected to stay as all department heads are until after the state leaves each day, and we have had our department head meeting about what the state looked at. I will be called in if they come and I am off, and they have been known to call the departments who are on vacation also. I also am on call every 5th weekend, and have had to come in on the weekend as supervisor. Again becasue I am salary, am paid nothing extra. If a nurse is needed to do floor things I will also be asked, such as body audits, assessments for falls etc, and to supervise in the dinning rooms or 4-7 supervision when no one else is availble. This is the worse part of my job, I am pulled for everything else, told it is team work, but no team is behind me when I am here late at night, doing my MDS's

    Am thinking of becoming a Mortician! LOL
  8. by   catnip3
    Don't you just love the "team player" expectation? We get that thrown our way a lot, too.
  9. by   achot chavi
    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    Since I am big on TEAM, of course I was there for the entire survey.
    actually I find survey time to be quite educational and each one prepares me for the next so I enjoy being there for the entire survey (for pay of course..)
  10. by   crissrn27
    I have only been here a couple of weeks, but right now call is every 8 weekends, from 3pm fri to 7am monday
  11. by   desmodia
    I work 8-430 mon-fri. I am on call 2-3 days per month and every 6th weekend. I also teach CPR 1-3 times per month. I do weekend manager 3-4 times per year. When state is here for any reason, I and all dept heads have to stay until they leave. I am salaried. I also have to cover the medicare nurse position when she is absent. I also answer questions, give insulin shots, etc out on the floor when needed, and of course, respond to every code!