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I hope you can help me. I am trying to locate where I can purchase an MDS Wheel. I had one at my other job in 2005 but my new facility does not have any. I have searched via the internet and cannot... Read More

  1. by   lgervais
    How can I request copies of these tool?
  2. by   lgervais
    RN4Life, how can I obtain copies of these scheduling tools?
  3. by   mdsmadness
    Hi Tammy, I believe you are talking about a PPS Wheel or PPS spinner. Here is a link, you can find them at Briggs Corporation or Here is a direct link to what I think you are looking for Hope it helps!
  4. by   NEICE9
    Hi, iif u r still interested in emailing me those 3 tools.Please send when I have 15 posts on the board Thanks a bunch.

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  5. by   rehablpn
    I have been looking for the excel spread sheet to medicare 100 days. I know that this is old, but if you still have it, could you pm me.I lost mine in Katrina.

    Thank You,
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  6. by   nursekara78
    i found that wheel on it is called mds navigator.
    there also is a site..... just enter the admit date and it gives you all the dates for medicare mds'.
    hope this helps a little.
  7. by   kids
    Updated link to the Briggs spinner spinner
  8. by   mercy1975
    Try Briggs or Med-pass....