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Mdc fall 2015 - welcome!


I took the liberty to open a new thread for FALL 2015 students! Please share information as to where you are with your pre-reqs, where you take them and any useful tips (professors, campuses, exams, etc.)

I am an older student changing my career. Having Bachelor of Business Administration and 10+ years of experience, the decision to go back to school was not easy. But, here I am.

Applying to Fall 2015 Accelerated Nursing ASN program at MDC. My GenEd classes have been met with higher degree. I need to take:

Chem 1 with Lab

A&P1 with Lab

A&P 2 with Lab



I am starting with just 1 class, to get myself acclamated and not too overwhelemed. Taking A&P1 with lab at MDC North campus with Prof. Lesly and Prof. Kenny.

If all goes well I will take A&P2 with Lab, Chem and Dep2000 in the Spring and Micro in the Summer.

How about you??

Hi. I am too an older student, with a bachelors in Graphic Design. Making a career change just like you! I have the same pre reqs as you. Already took the anatomy 1 and 2, Chemistry in the summer, and taking microbiology now in the fall.

I recommend taking something easier during the summer, it's a very intense semester since it's shorter and Micro is a hard class. I took Chem and it was a challenge. DEP2000 will be easier and probably better for summer time.

I started out slow just like you, since I work and also have a toddler. It's taken me a year but i've achieved all A's so far, so 4.0 gpa on my sciences as far and I expect the same grade for Micro. I've left the easier classes for my last pre-reqs semester which will be spring 2015 - dep2000 and intro to healthcare.

At the time I thought we'd have an entrance exam and left the easiest classes for the end so I could study for the entrance exam, but we don't have an entrance exam anymore and i'm thinking it'll stay like that for us. Congrats on going back to school!!! I can recommend some professors at Kendall campus, I've had great professors so far!....and also remember Chem lab too is required and if you're thinking of ever doing the BSN, you should do Micro lab as well. =)

Hi Idee and thank you for posting! I forgot about intro to healthcare.. This means I need to re-work my classes. Oh well, if I don't get into Fall 2015 then will do Spring 2016.

Is there an advisor you can recommend at the Med. campus? Also, are you applying into accelerated 1 year program as well?

Hi. No not doing the accelerated. I went to their open house last year and the students were telling me the AO was really intense. The difference is only 3 months. The Generic option takes 1 year and 3 months and the AO is one year.

I don't know of the advisors at the med. campus I've been to the advisors at Kendall but don't have one in particular.

Hi I am going to apply for MDC medical campus for fall 2015. I am happy that we do not have to take any test. Can you give me names of good professor in Kendall for anatomy.

Dr. Elena Ruso is one of the best anatomy professors.

Hi. Marie Cendon is awesome! had her for both anatomy lecture classes. Definetely recommend her! Alfonso Pino is great too, I had him for lab, he can be intimidating at first but in the end it was fun and learned a lot, heard his lecture was difficult though.

Im so glad U already created a threat ! I applied for spring and we r anxiously waiting for the acceptance emails. It's extremely stressful I mean This wait ! I'm guessing we are getting those emails tomorrow the 16th based on previous years! It would be nice for U guys to check the other thread in a few days to have an idea ! I am trying to be positive and telling myself I'll be in but it's hard to be calmed.

I guess if I do not get in this year I will be reapplying like you guys for fall. Let's just keep the faith and support each other )

Hi everyone! I will be applying to the Fall term in 2015 too! I'm very anxious and excited! I'm finishing my pre-reqs this semester (Fall 2014) and will be taking a couple courses in Spring 2015 so I can apply to other options. Just in case! I just hope we get accepted! *prays*

what is everyone's GPA so far? or what will be the expected cumulative and science GPA if you all know. I was looking at the Spring 2015 forum and a lot of people got accepted from there….congrats to them!

My expected all cum gpa is 3.42

My expected science gpa is 3.53

🙏🙏🙏 *fingers crossed*

I will be applying to the Generic FT program, however. For the accelerated, to my knowledge, less people to compete with because majority don't have a previous degree. So I've seen many mediocre gpa's get accepted to the AO! Good luck! :)

what is everyone's GPA so far? or what will be the expected cumulative and science GPA if you all know. I was looking at the Spring 2015 forum and a lot of people got accepted from there....congrats to them!

Mine is a 3.18 cumulative and 3.53 science. Although I have an AA and when I did the degree audit for the AS Generic the GPA that it shows there for science is different (slightly lower), but I'm not sure why. I have to ask an advisor about that because I have mostly A's and a couple B's.

Hi guys I'm planning on applying as well for Mdc fall 2015. I'm currently taking micro in the Kendall campus and so far it's the hardest class I'm taking this semester. I'm taking also intro to healthcare, anatomy 2 and lab and micro lab, very hard as well. I currently work at a medical office and my gpa overall it's 3.05 I already have an AA so my science gpa it's combined with my other sciences courses for my pre med major that I changed. As far as the natural sciences for nursing I've gotten A's in all of them. So idk how my chances will be. Fingers crossed. Good luck everyone!!

Hi All, Glad there is some activity here ;) I am currently taking AP1 and lab at North and getting As in both. I wanted to take micro next semester, but advisor told me Chemistry 1033 is a pre-requisite for that.

Hi acorrales002 I am also at Kendall Campus. I will be applying for fall 2015.

Idee I will be taking anatomy 1 and 2 with the Maria Cendon and Pino. Thank you for the recomendation. I will be taking both classes with labs at the same time. It will be a crazy semestre.

Maria Cendon is wonderful!!! I took her for Bsc2085&2086. I got an A in both classes. She's good at what she does.