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Hello everyone. I have an interview in Mcallen in Dec. and am seriously looking into moving there in Jan. Can anyone tell me a little bit about the hospitals in that area? (I will be a RN in Jan.) Which one would you recommend in that area? Also, what kinds of jobs are there for non-medical personnel? My husband wants to change professions when we move. From what I have seen and researched on my own, Mcallen seems like a great place for ME to go as an RN, but then again, you can't tell what the working environment is like on the phone or in pictures. Thank you all for any input you may offer!


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My sister used to live there (not a nurse) and it can be a great place to live. :)

Lots of snowbirds who leave in the summer.

I don't know much about the hospitals there so can't help ya there.

Maybe somebody else will reply who is in the know. ;)


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Did you end up going with any of the hospitals in Mcallen?

I am thinking about relocating and it sounds like Rio Grande Regional Hospital has alot to offer- Is it too good to be true?

let me know what you ended up doing.


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:D Hi! I live in Harlingen, Tx. Which is on Hiway 83, at the turn to the south enroute to Brownsville. We are at the crossroads to every where. You have to go through Harlingen to go to South Padre Island, or to Brownsville and Matamoros, Mexico.I work at Harlingen Medical Center, a MedCath hospital. Most of the Medcath Hospitals are Heart Hospitals but this one is the only General hospital in our system. We give patient-focused care, and we love the patient contact. We are ready to open our 4th floor which will be surgical/Ortho. We now have the 3ed floor fully open. YES we are a brand new hospital with all private rooms and we are not assigned more than 8 patients. and most of the time when we are busy we have 6 patients. We need permanent staff for the 4th floor. We staff with RNs and Patient Care Providers(PCPs) This is not quite Paradise but ,ITS CLOSE. Please if interested call David at (956)365-1000,our switchboard. If you are hired tell them Phyllis sent you. This is real. Come on down. If you need to check this out, look for our HMC site. or the Medcath site.


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I did some travel nursing in Texas. I started out in Corpus Christi and then joined a travel company for a few years. It depends what is important to you. Honestly there are nicer areas in Texas that offer a better quality of life. Remember if the offer sounds too good to be true there is a reason. Have you looked into Austin? North Dallas? I loved Corpus Christi. Do yourself a favour and research more areas.


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