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Mayo Clinic Summer III-2011

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Hello everyone!

I am a nursing student from Chicago & i have just submitted my application for the Mayo Clinic Summer III program. I was also curious to know who all are applying for the program, and what specialty you want to go into...my top choices are Hematology/Oncology & Gynecology. I really hope to get this great opportunity, I don't care about the distance! Please share :D

Oh yeah, best of luck to all :jester:

Hi! I'm from Iowa and I applied for the program this summer also! I am very anxious to find out if I get in or not! I want to so badly! Good luck to you! My top places were ER, ICU, OR.

sj73201, BSN, RN

Specializes in Oncology.

Good luck to you as well! I think its going to be hard to be away from family since its 6 hours away from me, but I think its the best opportunity I've ran across so far...I am going to apply to area hospitals, but I don't feel like they compare. Do you currently hold a job in the healthcare field?

I also applied for the Summer III internship. I am a junior nursing student from Pittsburgh, PA. My top choices were the ER, ICU,and transplant units. Good Luck to everyone and I hope to see you all this June in Rochester!

Yeah, I am a Student Nurse Tech and a hospital in Waterloo right now. I am so anxious to find out! Only a couple weeks left!

I overnighted my application to them yesterday. My school fails at getting official transcripts out (submitted request on December 6 and I'm still waiting) so I sent it with an older transcript and my unofficial to show the grades from my last semester. :eek: I'm from California and I've been building my involvement specifically for this, so I think that my application is quite strong. Right now I'm just hoping and praying.

That said, I'm distracting myself by filling out applications for two other externships and a scholarship, so that'll help keep keep my mind off of it. :p

Good luck to us all!:heartbeat

sj73201, BSN, RN

Specializes in Oncology.

I see that a good number of people like to go into the ER, ICU..I see that with people from my program as well. I sent out my application last Thursday only to find it back in my mail on Saturday :mad: because I didn't have enough postage! So, I did a two-day shipping the following monday & had delivery confirmation to make sure! HA!

I've been looking at this program since the summer anticipating completing my application. I do not think that I had the BEST recommendation from my clinical instructor because it was a little short, but I hope thayt they can "see" my personality through the essay portion.

Does anyone know when they usually send the accepted/denial letters? I keep thinking about it every, but this semester is going to be so busy with school & work so maybe it'll distract me a LITTLE.

BTW, what clinical rotations is everyone doing? And are you currently working? If so, where?

Im from Jacksonville Fl, and Ive applied for PCT positions in our Mayo Clinic. Do any of you work for the MAyo clinic? I would like to apply there when I get done with nursing school. Dont they have a graduate nurse program?

Hi everyone!

I'm a student in wisconsin and my top areas where psych, transplant, and hem/onc, but I put some interest for pretty much everything:). SJ7301 to answer your questions I think in the past people got a letter the first week of Feb. telling them if they were in or not (according to other forums). So far my clinicals have been on ENT/plastics and this semster on the heart care unit. I am currently working as a tech on the oncology floor of a local hospital. I am also hoping starting clinicals will distract me a little. Good luck to everyone!

Hey does anyone know what GPA they are looking for? I just applied,but my GPA is not that hot. :(

sj73201, BSN, RN

Specializes in Oncology.

They're not looking for a certain GPA (the website does not say so)...It says you need "satisfactory grades" to apply

sj73201, BSN, RN

Specializes in Oncology.

This semester i'm doing care of the adult (med-surg) on a telemetry floor. I'm wondering what that's going to be like :eek:

This semester i'm doing care of the adult (med-surg) on a telemetry floor. I'm wondering what that's going to be like :eek:

My mom works tele and I had some classmates on that unit last semester so I have some insight. Its a very interesting place and you will learn a lot about all the rhythms -- my classmates know much more about cardiac than I, who worked on a surgical-oncology unit. :p Lots of AFib, AFlutter, heart block, MI and depending on how the facility chooses to do things, you may see a lot of cardiac cath patients. The tele unit also recieved CABG pt down from CCU, so my classmates even got to see lots of chest tubes. Figure that any pt with a condition that is related to the heart you could see. :D

Review your cardiac drugs, especially the antidysrhythmics, nitro, and anticoagulants. In our state (and probably most others) students can't admin. IV push medications, and lots of cardiac drugs are IV push, so a common comment from my classmates was that they didn't have pts with PO meds that they could pass. ;)

I'm done with med-surg and am moving on to maternal/infant and peds... Kind of terrifying because I'm not a kid person at all. :eek:

Hey! So I love that your name is dancer8! I dance too! I have since I was 4. That's so weird that I work on an oncology floor at a local hospital too! Hopefully we both get accepted and we can meet! Sounds like we have a lot in common!

...In our state (and probably most others) students can't admin. IV push medications, and lots of cardiac drugs are IV push, so a common comment from my classmates was that they didn't have pts with PO meds that they could pass. ;)

Off topic, but I attend school in IL and we can push IV drugs starting in third semester. Yay me! LOL

Okay thank you. I saw in previous posts that applicants were listing their GPA's, so I thought the Mayo also considering GPA's. Good luck to everyone applying!

sj73201, BSN, RN

Specializes in Oncology.

I live in IL and unfortunately we cannot insert IVs but we can administer IV meds. Thats one of the skills we are learning this semester. I think I'll be kinda nervous being around cardiac pts because its critical that you know the meds & when to administer certain meds if the pulse or BP is a certain #, etc.

I've been interested in oncology for as long as I can remember! & despite the sadness that can come with working with cancer pts, I REALLY want to work with those people. I have also been interested in women's health. I realized that there are gynecologic oncology nurses, what a great way to combine my two interests!...I currently work in a small doctors office of a OB-GYN..although I don't get to do too much, I do get exposure to patients and am able to talk with them about their issues or even when they're there for prenatal check-ups!

I can't stop thinking about the Mayo Clinic though! Actually, like the day after I mailed my app. I had a dream that I was accepted, that was so weird & random to me! I am in the process of applying to an externship here in Chicago, but I am not finding many opportunities here. Nothing seems to compare, but what really attracts me to them is when they mention a job offer after graduation! Now that sounds great & hopefully if we are accepted, we can experience that. But, we have to make it there first :)

Hey! I'm from Kansas City and I applied too! I really hope I get in because not only would it be a great experience, but it also would probably look great on a future resume. I pretty much put down that I was interested in everything to improve my chances, ha. The only thing I'm really worried about is my recommendation letter, but I guess we'll see.

Good luck everyone! I wonder how many people applied this year?


I also applied for the program this summer - anxiously awaiting to find out!

My top choices are Post Partum/Nursery, Pediatrics, Hematology/Oncology, ICU, and ED.

I'm from Evanston, IL and go to nursing school in Michigan.

Hey all - I also applied for the program this summer. Starting to get anxious about finding out! Good luck to everyone!