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Mayo Clinic Externship 2016 (Summer III)

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The Mayo Clinic Summer III application was just opened, so I figured I would start a thread and see if anyone else is planning to apply? It is open until January 2016, so feel free to hop in and comment anytime!

I plan on applying! It seems to be very competitive so I want to be optimistic/realistic. Where are you from and what kind of nursing would you like to do?

I'm from Maine. I'm really interested in pediatric intensive care but am open to anything/everything! Also trying to be optimistic but realistic! What about you?

I am living in New Mexico attending New Mexico State. However my family is from Andover,MN which is about 30 minutes away from the twin cities. I really love the ED, I have never been in the ICU or worked with children so I can't say those are out of question. :) Hopefully more people start joining the thread, thanks for starting it!


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Hey guys! Just wanted to stop by the thread and say good luck to all of you applying! I was a Summer III this year, and I would be happy to answer questions you may have to the best of my ability! If you're on the edge between applying and not applying - just do it! It was the best experience of my life so far :yes:

I will say this: While GPA and extracurriculars are important, they really want to see that you can make a world-class connection with your patients. Focus hard on those essays and make sure they truly speak to who you genuinely are. Have someone read and edit them before you send :). Again, good luck! No matter the outcome, you're all going to be fantastic nurses.

That is so nice of you! Thank you for the advice, will definitely take all of that into consideration. I will probably send you my essay before I turn it in which would be sometime in November. How was the experience? Did you live with the other summer III's?


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Of course! I just always wished former Summer III's would've posted on our thread more often, so I thought I'd try to shed some light for you guys. The experience was really great. I was on an ICU and I learned above and beyond what I bargained for! The real difference between any other place and Mayo is that you can see each day how the nurses they hire follow the model of "Needs of the patient come first." We all had three observations off our main units and had a few days where we heard from panels of APRN's and current Mayo RN's from different specialties.

This year we all worked 7a-3:30p M-F (that's not how it's been in the past). I lived in a townhome on Crossroads College campus with four other Summer III's who were on ICU Float Pool, MICU, GI, and Primary Care Internal Medicine. Most people who weren't from the Rochester area stayed in the provided housing!

You can try to send me your essays, but I can't guarantee I'll have time to give you really good feedback, as I start practicum/preceptorship next week. My best advice is to give it to one of your faculty members for revisions, especially if you have a faculty member that is very passionate about patient advocacy. Any other questions, I'll check back frequently. I'll try to get some of my summer III friends on here too :).

That sounds awesome :) Thank you for the tips and insight, I will definitely have a professor review my essay :) Good luck on precepting!

Hey everyone!

I am definitely planning on applying, but am nervous about the process of it all. I would love this opportunity to gain such valuable experience, but am afraid I won't have as much of a chance since I am from the area. I've heard Mayo tends to choose people from a variety of places.

To Nodakstudent: just wondering, about how many people were from the Rochester area that got chosen?


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sto2017, if I remember right there were 4 chosen that were from Rochester, although many states were represented in the program. Like I said before, don't sell yourself short! The worst thing that can happen if you apply is that they don't pick you, and in that case you'll still be an awesome nurse :). Good luck!

I'm planning on applying, too! I'm going to school in Wisconsin, but I'm from the Rochester area originally. I've always loved Mayo and would love to get a foot in the door where I ultimately would love to end up working! It's truly such an amazing place and I admire everything they stand for. Good luck to all of you!

BTW, nodakstudent would it be possible to get an email address from you? :) I would love for you to proofread my essays once I have them done, if you wouldn't mind/have time!

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Hey guys! Didn't think I was going to apply but I decided to push myself for this one. It seems like a wonderful opportunity. Good luck everyone and hopefully we all get in! I'm from Sunny Southern California by the way (University of California, Irvine).


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Hi Jacqueline! Unfortunately, I have my hands full with my preceptorship and studying for the NCLEX. I won't be able to read anyone's essays - but I highly recommend you have a trusted professor or friend read it over for you before you send it! Good luck :)

I plan on applying too. I came across it the other day and can I just say OH MY GOSH. I'm from Virginia, so it's a ways away, but doesn't hurt to apply...and it is MAYO! Does anyone have a general idea about how many people apply? I read they accept 100 somewhere, but was wondering if anyone had any other interesting information. I keep re-watching the video and going over my application and resume... good luck every one :)

Hey everybody, my name is Diana and I was a Summer III last summer and it was honestly the greatest experience I've ever had! I definitely recommend applying no matter how far fetched you think it is! Last summer there were 800 applicants and 56 were chosen. They used to accept 100 but they thought having a smaller group was a lot more manageable. There is no other hospital like Mayo and I honestly believe that all future nurses can benefit from experiencing the magic that is Mayo! It's truly a place that cares for each and every person that walks through the door. The entire health care team is dedicated to caring for each one of their patient's and it's a beautiful thing to be a part of! Plus I met some of my best friends and already have a job lined up for when I graduate in the spring! Good luck everybody, I look forward to seeing you around the hospital this summer :)

DianaD2016, do you have any tips for the application or process? I am really passionate about this (I am sure we all are) and want to do everything I can to improve my application!

The best advice I can give you on applying is to really focus on your essays. Your essays are the most important part of the application because they really want to know what your values and opinions are! I would recommend going to Mayo's website and looking at their mission statement and values in order to help with the direction of your answers. These things are very important to them and they want to see that they are important to you too!