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  1. Interested in Mayo Rochester

    Current neurosurgical nurse at Mayo here! It is an EXCELLENT place to work, especially if you love neuro. I am on the neurosurgery post-op floor. We get patients right out of surgery for things like laminectomies and fusions, transsphenoidal endoscop...
  2. Mayo Clinic Residency & Rochester Area

    Hi there! I am a current Mayo employee so thought I could give you some insight. All RNs that graduated from a BSN program that have less than 1 year of nursing experience are automatically enrolled in the residency program. You're essentially groupe...
  3. Mayo Clinic Externship 2016 (Summer III)

    MNfutureNurse I just emailed and asked :)
  4. Mayo Clinic Externship 2016 (Summer III)

    Just found out they currently have it narrowed down to 100, which will later be narrowed down to the 50 who will be selected.
  5. Mayo Clinic Externship 2016 (Summer III)

    I received an email today saying I was not offered a spot, however it did say they got over 1,000 applications and are selecting only 50. Good luck to those of you proceeding!
  6. Mayo Clinic Externship 2016 (Summer III)

    When did you submit your application if you don't mind me asking?
  7. Mayo Clinic Externship 2016 (Summer III)

    Congratulations on applying, everyone! I wish everyone the best of luck! Hoping we all get in! ☺️
  8. Mayo Clinic Externship 2016 (Summer III)

    BTW, nodakstudent would it be possible to get an email address from you? :) I would love for you to proofread my essays once I have them done, if you wouldn't mind/have time!
  9. Mayo Clinic Externship 2016 (Summer III)

    I'm planning on applying, too! I'm going to school in Wisconsin, but I'm from the Rochester area originally. I've always loved Mayo and would love to get a foot in the door where I ultimately would love to end up working! It's truly such an amazing p...
  10. Mayo clinic summer externship 2014

    Hi lilyblooming! I am planning on applying for next summer's ('16) Summer III and I stumbled upon this message thread. You seem very considerate and I think you would be a great resource for guidance throughout my application process if you wouldn't ...
  11. Summer III

    Does anyone who has participated in the Summer III externship at Mayo have any advice for someone planning to apply for the summer of 2016? Also, if you were accepted into the program and you don't mind sharing your "stats" (GPA, work experience, ext...
  12. Has anyone else applied to U of MN??

    Yeah I'm not sure I guess..! But if you are taking prereqs and getting those grades, that's a good thing! Do you have volunteer experience or are certified as a nursing assistant?
  13. Has anyone else applied to U of MN??

    What is your GPA? I know they look at overall GPA and your prerequisite GPA and also volunteer/work experience. I think they look for diverse applicants or those who have experience working with diverse communities who possess leadership qualities. I...
  14. Has anyone else applied to U of MN??

    Wondering if I can bring this thread back by asking those of you who were accepted to the U of M program (especially the Rochester campus) what your GPA, experience, etc. was when you applied? :)