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  1. So a little bit of background as to why I studied two weeks before which I DO NOT recommend! But if you are in the same situation as me, there is hope! My nursing program switched from a traditional program to a concept based approach and the course ...
  2. Mayo Clinic Externship 2016 (Summer III)

    That sounds awesome :) Thank you for the tips and insight, I will definitely have a professor review my essay :) Good luck on precepting!
  3. Mayo Clinic Externship 2016 (Summer III)

    That is so nice of you! Thank you for the advice, will definitely take all of that into consideration. I will probably send you my essay before I turn it in which would be sometime in November. How was the experience? Did you live with the other summ...
  4. Mayo Clinic Externship 2016 (Summer III)

    I am living in New Mexico attending New Mexico State. However my family is from Andover,MN which is about 30 minutes away from the twin cities. I really love the ED, I have never been in the ICU or worked with children so I can't say those are out of...
  5. Mayo Clinic Externship 2016 (Summer III)

    I plan on applying! It seems to be very competitive so I want to be optimistic/realistic. Where are you from and what kind of nursing would you like to do?

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