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I was horrible at math and actually Math-phobic.

I took College Algebra I and II, years ago my first go around and received a C and a D.

I took a 5 week Medical Calculations offered at my local CC where I am currently attending Nursing School and aced it.

To me, Algebra just doesn't make sense because you aren't talking about anything important, just numbers and equations. I found doing drug problems much easier because it is something tangible.

My program taught us "Dimensional Analysis" which is basically just counter crossing dividing and multiplying to get your answer.

We used an excellent book call "Dimensional Analysis for Meds." but unforutunately I do not have it on me right now so I can't give you the authors, etc. Anyway, I thought is was an excellent book, gives you life size and color medication labels to refer to when doing problems, etc.


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The main things for nursing math is understanding decimals, division, multiplication, ratio and proportions, and remembering your conversions. Once you master the above you'll definitely pass with a 100!!


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you can also take advantage of your school's math lab for college algebra if they have one-

you can do it - just start with the mindset that you will have to devote extra effort with this class if you know it isn't your strong point.

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I'm also in a BSN program, and where I go to school, we get tested in math dosage calculations on every test in every semester. I've never been very good with math either, but it was sink or swim...if I didn't learn it, I'd fail out and have to quit. Needless to say, I learned pretty quick. You're going to have to do math for the rest of your life. Besides that, nurses do math on a daily basis, so I suggest that you keep practicing it.

Good luck.

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