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I'm on to 3rd Semester and we'll be covering Maternal-Newborn and Child Nursing. Anyone have some good websites to help us study and stay on track?

Good luck to all this semester!

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Surely there are others? Anyone?


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Specializes in OB, lactation. may be helpful. You can find Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines, etc. for nurses who specialize in the care of women and newborns.

You can look at files and links here:

PS... there may also be stuff for you at - they have a 2005 immunization chart for one thing anyway

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I've gotten a lot of good information from the Cedars-Sinai NICU website in the past. But it appears they've changed their website completely. Another site I've used extensively is the Pediatric Critical Care Medicine site at It's organized by system and have excellent resources available free.

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