Massage for Fibromyalgia?

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Does it work for any length of time or only during the massage? Any info would be great. Thanks


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Depends on the client, therapist and modality. My wife has had a lot of therapies and likes craniosacral but her favorite is Zen Shiatsu. Course her favorite Zen Shiatsu therapist! :chuckle

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I'm just lucky my dh was athletic trainer to football team in early life. Told him a zillon times his massage to my aching muscles worth $125/treatment; if anything happens to him, will be freely spending his life insurance to keep me going.

Benefits of dh massage last several hours to days....along with NSAID and warm tub soak during flare.


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Thanks for the info..wish my dh could do a massage!


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The effects of massage can last quite a while but it is by no means a cure. Please be sure to find a therapist who will listen to you and not give you a cookie cutter massage because people with fibromyalgia have different pain tolerances and react to other modalities (eg heat and cold) differently.


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My therapist specializes in those of us with fibromyalgia. She does trigger point work. I have been going weekly for a year and have never felt better. I really notice, though, if I miss a session. I am ususally starting to feel bad when the week is over!


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It is my understanding that one theory is the build up of wastes and that MLD or manual lymphatic drainage greatly helps the fibromyalgia pt The massage is light and stimulates the lymphatic flow.



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My therapist also releases the tensed muscles by pressing on trigger points. That helps greatly with the fibro!


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i work on a lot of people with Fibromyalgia. What you do totally depends on the person. Some people are so tender you have to more stretching and Myofascial release - lighter stuff. Some are so used to pain and have lots of trigger points that you can work deeper and release those and they feel better because of that. I never do only one is always a combination of neuromuscular, trigger point, and myofascial work and adapt it to how the person feels. I always ask for lots of feedback during the treatment. And also keep in mind that people with Fibro, even those who act tough and are used to the pain, can actually think they are feeling ok with the pressure until the next day when the pain hits. So better to err ont he side of caution with these patients, especially the first treatment.

MLD, Manual Lymph drainage, actually is for lymphedema, the accumulatoin of lymph in the tissues. It is true you get the fluids moving in any massage, and it certainly would help anyone with a buildup of toxins in their system. But MLD is actually more specific for edema. Any kind of light efflurage (light strokes and especially to the heart) would help increase circulation, lymph flow and the release of toxins. Just depends on how technical you want to get!!!

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