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Hello, I was browsing the Northeastern University website and saw there is a new Direct Entry (Online) BSN/MSN program that is located out of the Burlington campus. They don't require the GRE's for... Read More

  1. by   Meeeshlizz
    I was called today by the admissions office at NEU and I was denied entry for the traditional program but accepted into the hybrid program for the summer cohort but since I am graduating may 19, I would have to defer entry until fall. The program allows you to go into admin or neonatal but to go into the other specialties you have to reapply. I was also accepted into the family specialty at MHG. Northeastern was my number 1 school so I feel inclined to study there plus the commuters charelstown is really difficult! They said there would be no difference in my bachelors degree and no where on any paperwork would it differentiate hybrid from traditional pathways. Labs and clinically would still be in Boston and Burlington. I am going to have a tough time deciding, where is everyone else at with these schools? My deposit for MGH is due march 29, June for NEU. I hope this helps/I would love as much feedback as possible!!
  2. by   jrwinney
    Wow, did they tell you that you were accepted on the phone? I have a phone appointment with them on Monday and have already sent them my transcripts. I didn't realize that you can do Neonatal as well with this I am really excited!

    So far, I am waitlisted at Regis and accepted to Simmons - but I live in Burlington, so this NEU program would be perfect for me!
  3. by   Kcarm
    Hi @ Meeeshlizz, I'm in the same boat as you. I'm also graduating May 19th so would have to defer for the fall. Northeastern was also my top choice and I'm in at Regis but waitlisted at MGH so I'm leaning towards northeastern because I was really impressed with their clinical placements!
  4. by   routtl1
    Hi all! I was accepted into the hybrid program as well, and also wouldn't be starting until the fall. I was just wondering what are everyone's opinions on the program? It makes me a little nervous to think that all of the courses are online.. Also, I'm from Cincinnati so moving to Boston would be a big change and it scares me to think that I would be doing it all alone!
  5. by   Sammy42010
    Has anyone received the official letter? I am considering attending as I was told I was accepted over the phone last week. The email has not come with the acceptance or other info yet so I am getting a little anxious. Thanks in advance!
  6. by   jrwinney
    Congrats to all those who were accepted! I talked with admissions today to begin the application process. She was a bit concerned about my GPA (it is a 2.8 for undergrad school I graduated from - but 3.32 at another that I was at for 2 years because I transferred). She said that the first thing they look at is your GPA, and the 2.8 stands out and they want 3.0 min. She said my experience in healthcare is impressive though, so I am really hoping that they look at my application as a whole.

    Are all of your guys' pre-reqs completed already? I have to take Developmental Psych and Microbiology this summer. Can you apply before pre-reqs are finished? When I try to apply right now, the only option is for Summer1 - she said that Fall would be added soon. Did you guys apply for Summer and then get deferred to Fall?

    Thanks for any clarification you guys can give!!
  7. by   Sammy42010
    Shortly after I made my last post, I deferred to fall as I am getting married in August! I am so excited, I was between Regis and this program so it is nice to finally to have a decision set in stone!
  8. by   hale.bale
    Were all of you who are considering the online program contacted by NEU? Or did you initiate the contact? I was rejected from the traditional pathway, so I'm assuming if they would accept me into the online program they would contact me... Thanks!
  9. by   Kcarm
    @ sammy42010, I just officially decided on this program too and I was deciding between neu and Regis. I'll also be deferring to the fall, but I can't wait!
  10. by   routtl1
    yes, after i was told that i was not accepted to the traditional program, they called me and asked me if i would be interested in joining the hybrid program.
  11. by   ms42813
    how do you go about deferring? just send in that form they sent you with the deposit or tell them via phone/email?
  12. by   ms42813
    has anyone talked to the heads of other tracks, besides neonatal and administration, to see if it would be feasible to get into these tracks after completing the BSN portion of the program? Does anyone have any other information about this?
  13. by   Sammy42010
    Does anyone know if there is an accepted students day, I wrote down the 12th but wasn't sure if that was accurate?