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Hello, I was browsing the Northeastern University website and saw there is a new Direct Entry (Online) BSN/MSN program that is located out of the Burlington campus. They don't require the GRE's for... Read More

  1. by   ltcwall
  2. by   adamamber1
    Thanks Itcwall, Im working on deciphering the list into what we need and what is recommended. I don't want to end up not having material that I need, but I also don't want to buy something we wont use. Did you just get everything on the list?
  3. by   adamamber1
    Also, my list isnt lining up with the ISBN's. Is it the pathophysiology book that is reserved one site or Mosby's guide to physical exams? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. by   ltcwall
    Yea there is something weird with the way it's lined up i think the moby one is the one on reserve. I plan to get my books tomorrow. What about the ones on the second page did you order those? I didn't bc Im not sure what it is
  5. by   cc1031
    So how do you all from RI plan on commuting? I'm trying to look up trying to leave from the train from TF green but it's a little confusing :/ Do you plan on taking the train or driving and if you plan on taking the train do you all know your route yet?? Just wondering
  6. by   Cm401
    Cc1031- I plan on driving. I wouldn't take the train from tf. It would take longer and probably cost more. People that commute to Boston from RI usually leave from downtown or drive to Attleboro and take the train from there.
  7. by   adamamber1
    Itcwall, I am going to order the ones on the second page tomorrow. I had to email them because the link wasnt bringing up the books. ********said they fixed it and it should work now. The second part, I am unsure what it is. I just plan to order one of them as it indicates we don't need both. I think I will try to order everything from the first page, just so I am not missing anything. Although, I can't find the dvd's on amazon that goes with some of the text books. I am hoping to find them somewhere else. I ordered my uniform and stethescope etc. yesterday. I just have to get some shoes for clinicals and order the lab bags and then I think I am allset. It's alot!!!
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  8. by   ltcwall
    Adamember did ******* happen to say when we we know our schedule for lab.
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  9. by   adamamber1
    No she didn't say. I may email her and ask as I wasn't at the orientation. We should also all try to do a study group once we know our schedules. I would love to have a group to bounce things off of. Do we know what time our tests will be on Wednesdays and if it is every wednesday?
  10. by   ltcwall
    Yes a study group would be great. No they didn't say what time the test. they told us at orientation they would have our schedule's ready in two weeks and to date they still are not ready.
  11. by   adamamber1
    I'm getting my clinical clearance stuff completed and I am wondering what the CORI training is? I filled out the form, but what's the class that the acceptance packet talks about? Did anyone do this or know of this? Thanks
  12. by   ltcwall
    No we didnt do any class last time. maybe they will go over that next time
  13. by   deannaclaire
    Hi! I will be part of the fall 2012 cohort. I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind sending me the booklist for the first semester. Is any one else also anxious that our schedules haven't been put up? Also, is anyone waiting to get the syllabus to order books, or are you planning on getting all of them before hand?

    My email is

    Thanks!! Looking forward to seeing you at orientation on the 27th!