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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has applied to the MGHIHP new accelerated BSN program? If so, what do you think your chances are of being accepted?... Read More

  1. by   applying2nursing-de
    When is the upcoming event? Any chance anyone here is willing to not go to MGHIHP and pick their other school they've been accepted to in order to push me up on the wait list?? I know, keep dreaming. This has been the most stressful day of my life. I am pretty sure I was not accepted to Northeastern as I still have not received a letter. Just waiting for MGHIHP to let me in....Good luck to all of you and hope to see you in Boston!
  2. by   jalin_2009
    Don't give up hope yet. There is still a great chance that you will get in. Most people who applied to MGH also applied to other programs so may have others options.

    The upcoming event is March 7th. FYI--the deadline for sending in deposits to MGH is March 30th. You should contact the school after the 30th, they should have a better sense of the numbers.

    Again, hang in there.
  3. by   applying2nursing-de
    Thanks so much!! I want to go there so badly. Congrats to all of you and pleeease keep me in my mind if you don't really want MGHIHP that badly! ha ha. But great work to all of you who were accepted
  4. by   Dembitz
    I was accepted for the direct entry Master's program at IHP, but because of a strange set of circumstances, I don't get any email from them. I'm pretty sure emails are being sent to my -- the one I can't access since I'm not an active student. Can you give me some more info on the March 7th upcoming event?
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  5. by   jalin_2009
    [font=trebuchet ms,geneva]please join us at this exclusive event!
    [color=#cc6600][font=trebuchet ms,geneva]when:saturday, march 7th from 1 pm to 3 pm
    [font=trebuchet ms,geneva][color=#009999]where: mgh institute of health professions
    [font=trebuchet ms,geneva]charlestown navy yard
    [font=trebuchet ms,geneva]36 1st avenue
    [font=trebuchet ms,geneva]boston, ma

    [font=trebuchet ms,geneva]to rsvp: or call (617) 726-3164.
  6. by   Dembitz
    Thanks! I called to RSVP, and we've partially figured out the email problem.
  7. by   applying2nursing-de
    Hi Jalin and others who got into MGHIHP Direct Entry in Nursing!! I heard 2 different deadlines for deposits-3/20 and 3/30. I was just wondering if by chance any of you who received a letter stating your deposit was due today by chance may not be going there? I know I am being a little crazy but am just trying to get in there! I am on the wait list and want to go to MGHIHP so badly! Any advice??

    Good luck to you all and if you do decide to go, it was meant to be for you and I hope I will see you there!!!!
  8. by   jalin_2009
    Today is the deadline for deposits.
  9. by   applying2nursing-de
    Hi Jalin and others who were accepted to MGHIHP,
    Did any of your decide to not go there? And why? Just wondering. I am still on their wait list and Simmons said I will hear back this week. If I get into Simmons, I may just go there. Does anyone have any feedback on which program you would choose? Is anyone else waiting for Simmons and is this anyone's first choice? Thanks!
  10. by   jalin_2009
    Hi Applying,

    I did send in my deposit last week. You should check with MGH in a couple weeks to see if they have openings.

    I know the wait is painful. Hang in there. Good luck.
  11. by   honeymist
    Hi there. I'm planning to apply to MGH accelerated BSN in November, so it would be for next year (May 2010) start date. I have a B.B.A. (double major) from UMass Amherst, and currently work in finance for an investment firm. I worked my way through my undergrad, while double majoring so my gpa for undergrad wasn't that great (2.75). I'm getting a 4.0 in my pre-reqs, so I am just wondering if those of you who have applied and gotten in think there's any chance I might get in w/ these credentials. I am worried my undergrad GPA isn't good enough I just worked 20hrs a week while taking 18 credits and double was really hard and I got mostly B's and C's. The pre-reqs I'm taking now I am getting straight A's in. Any advice on what my best bet would be? What if I don't get into any accelerated programs, what should I do? Regular BSN? How would that work - as in how would my credits from undergrad and pre-req coursework transfer?

    Thanks for the advice - good luck and congrats to all of you who got in!!
  12. by   applying2nursing-de
    I think you will be fine. I also did not have the best GPA and was afraid to take the next step in life of grad school...but don't worry. Each school I spoke to told me the competition is fierce, but if you want to become a NP (RN in your case), you will get there! Luckily, most people who work as nurses understand life can be tough and people have ups and downs. Yes, the people with 4.0 and great healthcare experience may get in for sure but keep your head up! You will get there too. I am on the wait list at MGHIHP Direct Entry program! My GPA was around yours, and I also now have 4.0 in the prereqs. My GRE score was OK but you know what? I want to become a NP so badly! I have worked in healthcare and have volunteered for a hospital and done community service work, directly with patients. If you are passionate about anything in life, follow your heart!!! You should apply to many schools and do so ahead of time. I waited until last minute to find out NEU was rolling admission with only 24 spots...ha ha. So i did not get in, but I am waiting on Simmons and they have told me if I don't get in this yr, reapply next yr, continue with prereqs and working in healthcare, and I WILL achieve my goal. Every school keeps telling me that. Don't get discouraged! Our country needs nurses and you will be fine. Every nurse I have talked to tells me that it doesn't matter how well you do in school, it's your work ethic that counts and everything you do as a nurse you will learn on the job. Not in school! Of course nursing school will prepare you for the job and exam to become a RN, but really you will be fine. Don't give up! Good luck honeymist :-)
  13. by   billjeff1
    Hello All, I applied to MGH as well, I never heard back from them and they sent me a Letter telling me I was on a Waitlist. I then got an Interview with Umass Boston for their Accelerated BSN Program and was Accepted the Next Day. I am a 40 Year Old Male and have Never worked in a Hospital setting in my Life. The only Patient care is what I am doing now with my Father. He has a Colostomy, so I do most of his Ostomy care and have helped him with his Foley Catheter in the Past and all of his health related issues. I guess going through my Father's Medical issue's I gained a deeper respect about how Nurses impact People's lives. I have worked in Construction, Banking, Etc. I went Back to College at Age 31 and finished my Associates in Arts and then my Bachelor's in Psychology. I read these Forums about People getting turned down with Incredible G.P.A's and wonder why? My G.P.A. is about 3.4 throughout College. Sorry to Ramble :wink2:, but it figures when I receive my Acceptance to Umass, I receive a Call on March 24th from MGH Saying I have Been Accepted I had gone from thinking there would be no Acceptance from anyone to 2 Nursing Schools. I am going to go to UMass and Hopefully it will be a Great Learning Experience. I actually liked the people at UMass and I am a Strong believer that no Matter what Issue's a School might have, as Long as you work hard toward your own Goals, things will work themselves out. I just wanted to Wish Everyong Luck on there Nursing School situations and would love to hear interesting stories from People going to Nursing school with very little experience. Good Luck. William

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