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Hi, Please who is applying to MGH IHP for summer 2018? They keep extending the deadline from Nov 1st to Dec 1st and now Dec 15th. Does any one know if the the date we hear from them will also change?... Read More

  1. by   AScott617
    The Facebook group is titled MGH ABSN Summer 2018
  2. by   bumblebee4
    Any accepted students get the financial aid email too? Would scholarships be mentioned in our email acceptance or would we have to wait for a physical acceptance in the mail? Do we get a physical acceptance in the mail? lol so many questions!
  3. by   ariana1102
    I just called and spoke with someone from admissions. She said they will be notifying in weekly batches. The people who applied by the original November 1st deadline were the first batch. The people who applied by the second deadline, December 1st I think? Will hear in this next batch, and she wasn't sure if that was today or next week when they come back from the long weekend.
  4. by   amk2018
    That's bizarre because I submitted my application on 10/23 and haven't heard anything. However I didn't receive the "The Admission Office has received your complete application and it is now ready for review" email until 11/9 so maybe they didn't consider it complete until then? Not even worth trying to make sense of it at this point.
  5. by   ariana1102
    that's probably what happened. hopefully we'll hear in this next outgoing batch! Stay positive!
  6. by   cosro03
    Hi All,

    Congratulations to all who have been accepted and good luck to everyone still waiting to hear.

    I received an email this afternoon notifying me that I was accepted. My application was not verified in NursingCAS until mid december. Deposits are not due until March, which I assume means they will be making decisions until then. Does anyone know the number of students in each cohort? Best of luck everyone!

    Bumblebee, scholarship information (although not the exact amount) was indicated in my acceptance email.
  7. by   Katherina021
    Congrats to all who got accepted!
    I was wondering if anyone would feel comfortable enough to tell me what their gpa and/or teas exam grades were who got accepted. I've been really nervous awaiting the decision and would love to see if I'm in the same ball park with other applicants!
  8. by   Piper88
    I couldn't find the FB page.
  9. by   EgherGrits
    Good afternoon Katherina021,

    I wanted to reply and hopefully alleviate some of the anxiety while waiting. I feel the admissions selection was fair and comprehensive because my undergraduate GPA is pretty bad compared to most of my peers. I was a horrible undergraduate student and I felt like it was my healthcare experiences along with my prerequisite grades that helped me.

    Undergraduate GPA: 2.52 (According to NursingCAS; 2.66 on Transcript) BA Geology
    Prerequisite GPA: 4.00 (Prerequisites for MGHIHP)
    TEAs Score: 89.3 Individual; 98% national

    Reading: 89.4/91%
    Math: 100/99%
    Science: 85.1/96%
    English: 79.2/86%

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
  10. by   jessica1993
    Hello, everyone.
    I graduated from the program recently. Good luck to all of you!
  11. by   abchehabi
    Hi jessica! Would you mind sharing your experience with the program...

    Is it worth the $
    Did you find a job shortly after?
    Where were your clinicals?
    We're you able to work part time during the program?

    Sorry if this is a lot, but I would soooo appreciate any input.

  12. by   Katherina021
    Hi EgherGrits!

    Thank you for sharing that information! You seem like a great student especially considering your prerequisite gpa being a 4.0 that is really impressive!
    I have a lot of work experience as well in health care but for school I seem to be on the opposite end as you. I have a 3.03 gpa but my prerequists gpa is a 2.7 and my overall teas exam was an 80.9. I'm graduating with a health science degree this May and still have nutrition to complete this semester. I only applied dec 31 so I feel as though I have a long way to wait but it would all be worth it if I get accepted. Hoping to hear back soon but congrats on your acceptance!
  13. by   jessica1993
    No worries!
    I found a job two months after I took the NCLEX. My biggest regret was not applying for a job during fourth semester.
    They've changed the admissions requirements from when I applied-we didn't use CAS and didn't have to take the TEAS for admission (we took it during orientation)-but I believe that the curriculum is the same.
    First semester-you take pathophysiology, health assessment, psych nursing, and fundamentals.
    Second semester-you take pharmacology, medical-surgical nursing, health policy, and history of nursing.
    Third semester-you take maternity and pediatrics, community health, ethics, and nursing synthesis.
    Fourth semester-you have your preceptorship.
    Psych, fundamentals, med-surg, maternity, pediatrics, and community health all have clinical components. For fundamentals and med-surg, you're either at MGH or BWH. For community, psych, maternity, and peds, there are other locations in addition to MGH and BWH.
    A good number of my classmates were able to get CNA jobs. After second semester, the schedule was a little lax (I always had fridays off). Fourth semester, with the internship, our schedule was much freer. Definitely keep in touch with clinical instructors and professors. I can say from experience that the new grad job market in Boston is tough.
    I 100% think that the cost was worth it. I learned a lot and built amazing relationships within the Boston healthcare scene.
    For privacy reasons, I don't want to reveal where I'll be working, but I'm so grateful to the school. Being an IHP alumna definitely helped me with job searching.