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Hello- I wanted to start a thread for applicants applying for 2018. I recently applied and I am anxiously waiting for a decision!... Read More

  1. by   Eshaqayum20
    I saw that I was accepted within a week after all my documents were check marked as as complete and under review on online portal
  2. by   Nurse2_B
    Hi, just wanted to ask a question. How long did it take to get a call after you were waitlisted? I was waitlisted in late february and have yet to hear anything after submitting an additional essay. Any info would help. Thanks.
  3. by   rrnurse13
    Does anyone know if there is a facebook group for the worcester program? I was hoping to find some roomates for off campus housing.
  4. by   ChelsBe
    Hello! Can I ask when you submitted?
  5. by   texasaggies15

    I was just accepted into the MCPHS ABSN Worcester campus for this Fall! I was wondering if there are any Facebook groups for people who have also been accepted? Thanks!
  6. by   rrnurse13
    Also if any guys are looking to live off campus, please let me know!
  7. by   ChelsBe
    Found out I got into Manchester this morning I'm still waiting on admission decisions from a few other schools but I'm def excited that this is a possibility! I'd be coming from San Francisco so this would be a huge change.
  8. by   Mol78
    Hey! I'm waiting to hear back from Manchester. Can i ask what your prerequisite and undergrad GPAs are?
  9. by   ccc222
    I applied to the boston campus, who has gotten in?
  10. by   ChelsBe
    Quote from Mol78
    Hey! I'm waiting to hear back from Manchester. Can i ask what your prerequisite and undergrad GPAs are?
    My undergrad GPA was actually a 2.5 (very low for nursing), but I turned it around in pre-reqs. I have a 3.5 in the last 60 units I've taken (53 of those since undergrad). I think Manchester looks at you pretty holistically which is nice. I sent in a personal statement and letters of req even though they weren't required. I also graduated in 2008, so they could see lots of work and volunteer experience in the time since undergrad, so I'm sure that was helpful. Give them a call! It took me calling a few times, but once I got the right person on the phone things moved along quickly. Best of luck!
  11. by   Eshaqayum20
    My undergrad GPA was 3.6 (graduated Dec 2017) and pre-req GPA for MCPHS was 3.1 ( I also had a C in A&P 2). I sent them 4 recommendation letters and a strong personal statement. I have a lot of experience as a medical assistant for 4 years, internship/shadowing at 3 hospital, and a medical trip to Dominican Republic. I think they look at everything, not just GPA. Good luck!
  12. by   yousm12
    I was accepted into the Mancester ABSN program last week. Definitely want to look into rentals and a roommate if anyone is interested! please message me!
  13. by   yousm12
    I also started a Facebook group for MANCHESTER absn fall students! please join to coordinate rooming options!
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