LPN boards after 1 yr of RN program?

  1. Hey all. I am going into second semester of a two year program. Not sure if RN students In Mass. are allowed to take the LPN boards after completing the first year. I know that some states allow this but not sure if MA is one of them. I really would like to get a job before finishing school but want to be able to do/make more than a CNA.
    Anyone have any info?? Thanks.
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  3. by   Chiefy
    You'll have to check but I thought that you have to have certain rotations out of the way. And also we would have to be an LPN in NH. I may be wrong but I remember students asking before we graduated. And several found that they couldn't do it because they had pedi or maternity last before graduating.

    But I could be totally wrong! Sorry!
  4. by   Reddy,RN
    hth - edited because link didn't work when i tried it:
    homeprovidercertification, licensure, and registrationoccupational and professionalnursingnursing education
    i did not complete my registered nurse education program. can i obtain practical nurse licensure by reciprocity or take the practical nurse licensure exam?
    a practical nurse seeking reciprocity or an applicant for licensure by exam who has not completed a registered nurse program in any state, the district of columbia, or u.s. territory must meet the following academic requirements for practical nurse licensure in massachusetts:
    • be officially withdrawn in good standing from a registered nurse program, having successfully completed (i.e. received a passing grade in both the classroom and clinical component of a nursing course) the minimum number of clock hours and nursing content required for graduation from a massachusetts board-approved practical nurse program to be eligible for practical nurse licensure (students currently enrolled in a registered nurse program would need meet the statutory criteria and therefore are not eligible for practical nurse licensure by examination).
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    Thank you all for the responses as well as the links. helps alot : )

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