Has anyone worked for Maxim Staffing?

  1. Hi there. I just started wokring at this agency because my hours have been reduced. Is anyone familiar with it? If so, what do you think of them? Do they have a lot of opportunities avail. for you?
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  3. by   julesar272
    I have a friend who works for Maxim Staffing and she says that they take care of her really well. Where in MA are you?
  4. by   caliotter3
    There is a thread about Maxim in the agency forum. They are also mentioned in individual posts in other threads. Different people have had differing experiences with them. They are like any other agency, you have an excellent experience or you have an unsatisfactory experience, more than likely it will be something in between. That can depend on the individuals working in a certain office, at a certain point in time. At my agency, when I started with them, I found them to be eager to keep me working and keep clients with good nursing care. Good luck with working for them.
  5. by   sara62
    I have worked for them I think you should go with a more established agency. If you stay keep close attention of assignments you accept or not except.
  6. by   julesar272
    What office did you work for? Do they promise hours and not give them? or do they give you assignments that aren't really there?
  7. by   sara62
    I think with them you just have to keep real good documentation of what assignments and every once in a while,re-confirm.
    They called me one night saying I was booked and I wasn't. This kid, much younger than I was yelling at me because he forgot to book a nurse for an 11 shift at a nursing home. I'm 38 years old, nobody yells at me.
    I never went back. I had a bad experience but they were nice. All you have to do is keep your schedule as organized as possible and you'll be fine.

    Let me know if you need anything further.
  8. by   MIgirly
    I'm in Michigan and have found Maxim staffing to yes be young, but way more knowledgable and "to the point" about facilities and my circumstances. I highly recommend Maxim, my only tip is that you answer your phone for the most up-to-date assignments.

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