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  1. maledi

    The Magical Fundus Question

    Is there any magical potions when it comes to finding out where a fundus in. Sometimes I have such a hard time figuring it out. It almost always feels deviated to the right to me even if the patient has an empty bladder. Not to mention it takes me s long to go poking the poor girl in the belly while I am searching for it. Any tips would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
  2. maledi

    I had my first delivery

    What is an IP?
  3. maledi

    OB RN for 1 month and LOVING IT! :o)

    I started orientation on the postpartum unit at a 400 bed community hospital. r had been wokring on the med-surge flood there as an aide for a bout a year before. Anyhow. I love it. Sometimes I sit there and wonder if I am dreaming. Can I really be getting paid for this, and paid well? It's definately something I've wanted to do for so long and being able to do it right out of school makes me so thankful. I LOVE it! I love being with mamas and equally love being with the babies. In addition, the starting pay is the same if not more than most of the Boston hospitals and the incentives they offer are great (reimbursement for NCLEX, tution reimbursement and they also pay my loan payment every month).
  4. maledi

    Starting Salary

    I work at MWMC FUH and they started me at 24.43 with 10% eve diff. and 15% night diff. Just started last week. Have worked there as a PCA for a year-really love it!
  5. maledi

    I had my first delivery

    Awesome! I look forward to that day!
  6. maledi

    MGH Question

    Oh my gosh, still no job for you? Me neither. This is a nightmare.
  7. maledi

    Things you'd rather go through than taking NCLEX again

  8. maledi

    Continuing Education?

    In Massachusetts the CEU's are not required for the first year after passing the NCLEX. Other than that, they are usually offered in the work setting through inservices and what not.
  9. maledi

    Does this sound right?

    I am a new grad RN and am starting work at a small community hopsital outside of Boston. My pay will be 24.25, with 10% diff for eves and 15% diff for nights. Does this sound low, high, avergae? I have no idea what the hospitals in Boston pay or the hospitals outside of Boston. Anbody know? Thanks;)
  10. maledi

    Tall scrubs

    I feel your pain. I am 5.11 and take a 34 inch inseam. Many scrub makers make tall scrubs. Some I know of are Dickies and Crest. I'm sure if you look online and type in tall scrubs you will find some, BUT be sure to check the inseam. The funny thing is, manufacturers think 32 inch inseam is tall. Boy, do I have news for them. Good luck!
  11. maledi

    just took nclex..stoped at 103

    I took mine July 13 and got about 105 questions. I thought for sure I had failed and left feeling miserable. Found out I passed 2 days later. i think most of us feel we failed even though we didn't. I wish you look and will look forward to hearing your results;)
  12. maledi

    Good "Dancing/singing in your car before NCLEX" songs

    OKAY, this may sound a little bazarre but on the way to take my test I brought an Enya Cd to listen too. I calmed me down a lot and I believe lowered my pressure and pulse extremely before I went in to take the test. Anything by her is very relaxing BUT it's not really sing your heart out music. Good luck!
  13. Hi there. I have an interview tommorow morning for a position in a PostPartum unit. My dream job is L&D. I thought I wouldn't stand a chance since this hospital doesn't normally hire new grads. BUT, they have decided to interview me and I am so nervous. Does anyone have any tips for any of those typical questions asked on interviews. For example, "What can you bring to the table here on this floor?" Well, I sometimes lose confidence and can't fnd the right words to say. Any tips or suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks so much;)
  14. congragulations to both of you!:balloons: :balloons:
  15. maledi

    Just a little riminder

    amen and hallelhuja! (or however you spell that word)
  16. maledi

    computer shut off at 265.. am I doomed??

    congragulations. yip yip yoree!