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Hi everyone! I just received my acceptance letter to the Curry College ACCEL program for a January 2011 start, class of 2012. I am 99.9% positive I will be accepting this offer so I thought I'd... Read More

  1. by   Mapie22
    Michelle, if you decide to go to Curry, I hope you'll join the facebook group: Curry ACCEL: Class of 2014.
  2. by   ChristinaG123
    Hi Michelle,
    It is possible to do it with young children. We have MANY mothers, with children as young as 2-3 months old when we started. The schedule changes but the first semester is 3-8hr days + one lab day (I believe?) and the summer is 4 days, one full day class, three full day clinical. The fall and the spring are only two days. Curry is an amazing program and I know I am biased, but they're unmatched in MA. I would discourage you from an ADN program because it's hard enough to find jobs with two bachelors and most hospitals no longer hire ADNs. As for the mix of papers and exams, it totally depends on the class. The first semester is almost all exams but then it get's mixed for the next three semester. Overall, it was a great program but I am verrry happy to be done! Hope this helps.

  3. by   ChristinaG123
    our private facebook group was super helpful throughout the program!