Curry College ACCEL Class of 2012


Hi everyone!

I just received my acceptance letter to the Curry College ACCEL program for a January 2011 start, class of 2012. I am 99.9% positive I will be accepting this offer so I thought I'd spark up a thread and reach out to other students or alumni of the program. Please feel free to post what's on your mind!


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Hey! I got in too. I'm SO EXCITED!! Definitely going there!! I cannot wait to get started.:yeah:


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I was accepted today too and plan on going there!! :)


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I am so happy to hear from my future classmates! I just thought maybe we could share a little something about ourselves to get to know eachother.

My name is Christina. I am a 24 yr old woman, living in Brighton, born and raised in the Boston area. I attended UNH and graduated in 2008 with a BS in Health Mngt and Policy. I have worked at Children's Hospital for over two years and absolutely love what I do. I am horrible at taking blood pressure and I am super excited/nervous about this program.

The question that I can't get out of my mind is how are the classes conducted? In-class lectures, online, or hybrid? I hadn't seriously considered Curry because I was hoping to start earlier but after comparing to other popular Boston ABSN programs, I am choosing to wait for Curry. I feel I will benefit from a small class of 32 students, give or take...


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I'm not in the ACCEL program, but I'm in Curry's traditional nursing program (also class of 2012!). As far as I know, all classes are on-campus lectures. The instructors here are GREAT, so helpful! All of my nursing lectures are posted as Power points online. The nursing resource lab is awesome, and all of the staff there are really helpful with tutoring, etc.

Good luck with everything :)


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Hi All,

I'm Lauren, 25 years old, originally from Milton (never thought I'd end up at Curry). I did my undergrad at Umass Amherst, majoring in Bio. I also wish I was starting in September, but I guess it'll be nice to save a little more money.

I found this info from another thread on this site:

This year the first semester classes were on Tues/Thurs, with a skills lab for 6 wks on Wed AM--not sure if they're planning the same thing for the coming year or not.

After finals for the spring semester, there's a week break then you launch into summer session--8 wks of class and clinicals (3 clinical days/1 class day) and a week of finals, then FIVE WEEKS VACATION

I think the schedule sounds great. I like the idea of starting out with 2.5 days a week. Easing into it I suppose. I'm nervous because I know a few people in programs like this who say they spend every waking minute studying and barely getting by.:confused:


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Hello all,

My name's Meagan, 27 from Richmond, VA and I just got my acceptance letter two days ago :) I lived in Boston for a couple of years while working on my pre-requisites and my ex-boyfriend actually graduated from Curry's ABSN program last May. While it is intense, he was able to maintain a per diem position at Beth Israel, working an average of 10-20 hours a week, depending on what they were doing in school... as well as a decent social life and full time girlfriend. So, while I know it will crazy at times, I also know it is manageable. He really enjoyed the program and now is an RN on a comprehensive care floor down here in Richmond.

My only issue with Curry is the cost. I, unfortunately, was rejected from a school in Virginia (my alma mater!) and will have to take out about $20,000 more in loans to attend Curry than if I were to attend down here. I am going to try to maintain a part-time job while in the program, working my butt off whenever we get a break, just so I won't have to take out a ton of loans for living expenses.

Has anyone else figured out their expenses?

Looking forward to meeting you all; congrats class of 2012!


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Can someone remind me when the Financial Aid night is...I misplaced that piece of paper.


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Congrats to you all! :yeah:

I received my letter last week stating I've been waitlisted for the program. Hope to hear about the waitlist sometimes soon but have been told they won't know anything until about May 15th. Is that when you all have to place your deposit by?

I'm just hoping I don't have to wait until Fall which is what they're saying is the latest they may inform the waitlisters...


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Hey everyone,

My name is Ross and I live in Woburn and work at the Jamaica Plain V.A as a Health Technician. Also, I currently serve in the Air National Guard as a medic. I was accepted into the Curry Accelerated program for 2012 class and looking forward to the program. As some of you have mentioned, the only down fall is the cost. :( Looking forward to meeting you all. :)


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Congratulation to you all - ACCEL Class of 2012. I'm Christopher, I'm in the ACCEL class that will graduate next month. (yehey! lol.) CoutneyH is right that all the professors and clinical instructors are great and helpful. Congratulation again. :D


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Thank you to everyone for being so involved in the forum! I am struggling a little bit making the final decision and am trying to decide between Curry, a very well established program vs. NYU's Accelerated BSN. NYU's program is significantly larger (about 150 students) but also has prestige. I know a BSN is a BSN is a BSN but who say's "no" to NYU??? Is anyone else having a rough time balancing their options??? If so, what is making you lean toward one program vs another. I think one of the biggest factors is that NYU is about 35K more than Curry. As if dishing out 40K for Curry + 16 months living expenses isn't expensive enough... I feel myself just starting to ramble so I will wrap this up. If someone could just make my decision for me... =P