BWH or BID ?

  1. Hello,

    I am a new grad with two great offers from Beth Israel Deaconess and Brigham and Women's Hospital. I'm having trouble deciding which position to accept, and wondering if anyone has any suggestions or insight.

    The BWH position is a float pool position, per diem to start. However I've been told that her per diem staff are offered full-time pretty quickly. And new grads aren't typically offered a full-time position initially. anyone have experience with float pool or bwh??

    BID position is full-time on an adult medical floor.

    I know that BWH is union and BID is not. Not sure which is peferred? I've heard pros and cons to both.
    Pay is good either way. With bwh I won't have benefits at first, but I'm covered with that for awhile.

    training seems to be great at both hospitals. And managers seem great off the bat. I guess it's just a matter of float or a home unit and which hospital is best to start at?
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  3. by   heather713
    I think BID is the better option. It would be great to be guaranteed a full time spot right off the bat, instead of being per diem. As a new grad, it is important to get a good amount of experience. With the BWH position, you may not get too many shifts as you would with BID because you wouldn't be guaranteed a full time spot right away. Also, I think starting on a medical floor is a great place to get the basics down, instead of floating to all different units. It may be easier to transition to being a nurse if you have consistency, like working on the same unit every day. There have been some issues recently with nurses at the Brigham going on strike. Both hospitals are great overall and I have heard excellent things about them. The choice is yours you will be very lucky with either position!
  4. by   scuba nurse
    I would take the BID job, as it is full time and you need the experience. Both are great places to work, I have worked at both. Good luck!
  5. by   CiaMia
    I agree with BID too! I think having a "home" unit and solid amount of hours will really get you acclimated to your role! congrats!
  6. by   Boston RN
    BIDMC! Advancement, role-change, shift-switch, flexibility, holiday/vacation days would be more difficult at BWH - Seniority dictates.
  7. by   cdinardo
    I have been @ BIDMC for 30 years. I too started on medical floor with telemetry. It was great experience and recommend it to all of our nursing students. Great way to learn total systems approach, as opposed to just a knee, gallbladder etc. Very professional staff and great place to learn in the Harvard Teaching hospitals setting.
    I have never been union. Its not that I am opposed to it. They definitely help push up pay scale for everyone. Only thing I don't like is if they have layoffs, someone with more time can bump you out of a job, even without experience in that specialty. (this is what I have been told).
    If you got offered a full time position take it!!! Hard to come by!