Assertive Desperate Professional In-need of EMPLOYMENT!! (ADPIE) ;)

  1. Hello fellow Nurses!!!!! I am a 28 year old Male Nurse (like that makes a difference-lol) Two years ago I graduated from Nursing school and took the Nclex 3X!!! (Saunders Q&A really helped me understand what Nclex was asking)-FYI lol Anyways, I am in desperate need of a JOB, so if any of you fellow Massachusetts Nurses know any insider job opening please Please PLEASE throw a bone my way!!! Thank You in Advance! & No, no Homecare...I need to be thrown in the dungeon of knowledge in a Hospital/Skilled Nursing Home setting
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  3. by   RN_SummerSeas
    What area of MA?
  4. by   Chapo84
    Quote from chaisaci
    What area of MA?
    Hey, I live in Lawrence, but my partner lives in Jamaica Plain(Boston) so basically anywhere in between. Thanks for the reply
  5. by   Erindel RN
    Try new england rehab. Its an acute care rehab in woburn, main campus. Also has satellite campuses in danvers and lowell.
  6. by   Chapo84
    Quote from Erindel
    Try new england rehab. Its an acute care rehab in woburn, main campus. Also has satellite campuses in danvers and lowell.
    Thanx Erindel!!!!! I def will put an app in!!! I appreciate the response
  7. by   watersamy
    Also try Spaulding Rehab. They have locations in Boston, Cambridge and Danvers.
  8. by   Erindel RN
    Your welcome and goodluck!
  9. by   RN_SummerSeas
    I am not too familiar with that area but look around online I have seen so many postings I am sure there is something great for you in your area. I like simply hired, careerbuilder, etc. Good luck!!!!!
  10. by   sbostonRN
    Try Whittier Rehab Hospital in Bradford or Westborough. They hire new grads and are currently hiring nurses! Pay is not as good as Boston but still competitive. Benefits are good and ratios are pretty good (5-6 on days, 6-8 on evenings and 8-9 on nights).
  11. by   Chapo84
    Thanks everyone for all your replies, I can't believe I got more responses here than facilities and let me tell you I applied to over 100+ jobs. I've heard from friends that most online Nursing posting aren't even real positions. They don't even bother looking at the posting. Even places like Lawrence General Hospital had a pop-up saying "Please stop sending applications, you have exceeding the number of applications" lol isn't that funny but thanks again everyone!
  12. by   ivyleaf
    Try Genesis LTC/Rehab, they have many sites and def. have openings. Also I heard that Leonard Florence (LTC/Rehab w. vent and other neuro d/o units) is looking to hire. Good luck!!
  13. by   Chapo84
    Thank You Ivyleaf, I applied but seriously I have applied EVERYWHERE 180+ applications and Not One call back!!! I'm going to cry!!! Lol
  14. by   ivyleaf
    Have you looked into psych nursing? There are usu jobs available, as it is a "less desirable" field for many nurses (I work in psych so this is not true for everyone!!). Even if you dont want to stay in psych, you could get your foot in the door in a hospital and get exp. with meds, etc. Try the Steward (St Elizabeths) system-- last I checked they had psych positions. Also, Cambridge health alliance (altho they don't take new nurses unless you have your BSN-not sure if you do). You could also try the Leland unit (psych) at Beverly Hospital, NSMC Salem and Union Hospital, Melrose Wakefield's psych unit (med 6) is hiring per their website--they took me as an RN with no hospital experience per diem after I had exp. at an unlocked psych stepdown unit (not in a hospital). Also, CCS's (psych step down, unlocked units) usu hire new grads (this was my first RN job) -- there are units at Baycove/BMC, Northeast Beh. health-salem, Elliot Human Services (Lynn I think?).

    Also try the Kindred system (LTAC/SNF). You can google "nursing homes" in your area and it will pull up some that dont post on the major websites (monster, indeed, etc)-- they may have openings on their websites-- and some might not even have websites, so you could call. And try craigslist and Good luck!!!