Maryland Nursing Links

  1. maryland board of nursing

    a guide to nursing education in maryland lists all the approved registered nurse and practical nurse education programs in maryland.

    nclex exam pass/fail rates by education program in the state of maryland

    [font=sans-serif]a warning for excelsior college [font=sans-serif]students
    [font=sans-serif]excelsior test preparation materials sold by for-profit venders/publishers, some of which do not identify themselves as publishing companies, do not have the effect of enrolling the student in excelsior college, do not provide the student with any special advantage in taking excelsior examinations, and may be very expensive. excelsior college has advised the board of nursing that it provides more appropriate and helpful materials, prepared by the faculty that develops the examinations, to enrolled students at no extra cost.
    [font=sans-serif]prospective students of excelsior college should contact the college directly at its toll-free number, [font=sans-serif]1-888-647-2388, for information about excelsior examinations or an excelsior college nursing degree.

    list of approved refresher courses in the state of maryland

    [font=sans-serif]nursing assistant training programs

    scholarship & financial aid listings
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  3. by   MARIAN202
    thank you for this list
    i will be attending the on-line mt carmel program
  4. by   shiobe
    Hi miss Karen.. Im just wondering if mbon can accept CGFNS certicate over a CES report?.. as their eligibility requirement to NCLEX-RN exam. I currently purchased this certification program to CGFNS
  5. by   emanzitimothy
    Hi. I an an RN and i just moved from Africa( Uganda).
    I think this is great.
  6. by   muskan
    can i transition from lpn to rn via college network in maryland?
  7. by   gab.rielle
    Quote from muskan
    can i transition from lpn to rn via college network in maryland?
    I believe you can, it is just a matter of taking a few more credits and possibly retaking some sciences (if it has been a few years only though). For example, at CCBC Essex (in MD), they offer an LPN program and an RN program- I would look at both and see what matches and what is needed...they should be related but I am not sure!
    Also, if you are working as an LPN ask for a scholarship or maybe the hospital/company paying for all or a portion of schooling!
    Good Luck and congrats with your choice of continuing your Nursing Education!

  8. by   mrs.rn
    i am a foreign country registered nurse , i passed the cgfns and planning to take the nclex . but i got married and my husband wants me to use his name in applying for nclex and i havent work on that. I want to work on that at the same time find a job that is closed to my profession. can i apply as a cna ? or nursing assistant in maryland using my foreign bachelors degree and cgfns certificate?
  9. by   lurn1234
    Thank you