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  1. Hi, I am just wondering if anyone has failed to pass the precheck screening because they are foreign nurse and the company was not able to verified their employment background as well as highschool education? I was recently offered a position as an RN to a hospital here in san antonio texas. I accepted it and was very happy because this is going to be my first RN job in the USA. After accepting the job, the HR gave me the schedule for drug screening and the whole administration orientation. The day before the drug screening I received a call saying that my drug screening is cancelled and the whole schedule was pushed because they can't verify my HS education and employment history. . . I just want to know if anyone here lost their job because of the background check by precheck. ? I have nothing to hide I sent them copy of my HS diploma but they are still need some contact numbers which I can't provide cause I graduated more than 10 years ago in HS. thanks for all the replies
  2. mrs.rn

    New grad..bad job

    . Pursue the PRN job . I dont think they will count the office job as an experience. Goodluck :)
  3. mrs.rn

    Maryland Nursing Links

    i am a foreign country registered nurse , i passed the cgfns and planning to take the nclex . but i got married and my husband wants me to use his name in applying for nclex and i havent work on that. I want to work on that at the same time find a job that is closed to my profession. can i apply as a cna ? or nursing assistant in maryland using my foreign bachelors degree and cgfns certificate?

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