LPN Jobs in baltimore

  1. I attend community college and looks like my gpa is not going to get me into the RN program. I thought about applying for the LPN course, but where are the jobs? I only see RN positions. Where do LPN's work? Should I apply for the LPN program or should I work on my gpa?
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  3. by   Jules A
    I think its a crock when they encourage people to re-take classes to up their gpa but it you have other pre-reqs that you need to take and they would help your average thats something to consider. For me prior to taking classes over I would apply for the LPN program if you think you could get in. In Balto. like most places the majority of jobs are in LTC however I did clinicals at a couple of hospitals that utilize LPNs including Harbor, Kernan and Union. Good luck with whatever you decide. Jules
  4. by   southernlady48
    lpn work in speciality hospital in baltimore and nursing homes.
  5. by   honeyz
    lots of nursing homes hire lpn..
  6. by   STACIELPN
    I've been an LPN for 12 years and have never worked LTC. I have worked at Good Samaritan and Union Memorial.