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    The positives in correctional nursing...

    I have 12 years of hospital experience and was a little concerned when I took a corrections position. I love it. It's fast paced and you see a little of everything..I work in one of the largest INS detainee prisons and find the variety exciting..of course I need to brush up on my spanish. Always remember to demand respect and to show respect. I am there for them, I don't have to be there...they do! It's hard working with a bunch of macho men though...CO's. I can hold my own and I thought I would be intimidated at first..but not to have to kiss butt (like in the hospital for customer service) is nice. Sometimes everything you do still isn't enough.

    Becoming a cna

    I personally would never work in a nursing home. If you want to learn how to feed, bathe, diaper the old folks...then nursing home it is. But for more experience, work in a hospital setting where you will see more and be allowed to have more hands on.

    Nursing Unions

    I'm trying to find out some info about correctional nurses and whether or not they are union there in Southern Nevada. I am currently accepting a union position and was wondering if it would be easy to relocate with a union.

    Young Nurses

    I became a nurse when I was just 17. I started "nursing school" at age 13. I think that it all depends on the individual and the maturity level. If the maturity level is high that more than likely the young nurse can acchieve. I had no problems starting in nursing at such a young age......of course people didn't believe me when I said I was only 17...I have always acted more mature...but then again...I have other's lives in my hands

    LPN Jobs in baltimore

    I've been an LPN for 12 years and have never worked LTC. I have worked at Good Samaritan and Union Memorial.

    Union Hospital

    Did you know that their turn over rate is >60% within the first 6 months. It's been about a 2 years since I've worked there....but I still keep in touch with staff. I was 26 when I worked there and the youngest....but had the most experience on the tele unit. Scary..!!! They are a small community and shun outsiders who don't live in their neighborhood. I loved working there but left because I witnessed something (negligent homocide) and when I reported it..they asked me to leave. They are an at-will facility which means they can fire you without a reason and they fire A LOT!!! Watch yourself....because they sure are watching you.

    Union Memorial

    I have been working there for 10 years...6 of those through the agency. All the floors have switched and have had some really big changes. They opened a new cardiac floor on 4. Oncology....which I love the crew...is on 9. You really have to give it a try for yourself. You would make more money doing a contract through an agency and find out whether or not you like it first. Good Luck..

    Maxim Healthcare in Towson? Or American Nurse Staffing?

    I would ask the name of the facility. I've been working in Md for 12 years now....I don't know why they say the work is scarce. Maybe you need to try another agency...Good luck..and let me know what they are offering you as far as pay...Should be 25-30/hr. But I hear that they underpay.
  9. I just recently moved to Red Lion, PA. I have been a nurse for 12 years and have critical care experience, iv cert and a lot of skills. I'm insulted that I'm only allowed to pass meds in a nursing home. I had a phone screening the other day asking me questions...can I do assessments...can I pass meds. I currently am working in a Baltimore hospital doing post-op ortho and hand traumas....along with everything else that comes up from the pacu. Time to move...where I'm at...I'm over-qualified for the positions. Any thoughts?

    good agencies in MD?

    I have been with my agency for 6 years. It's run by 2 sisters and of course the financial big guy...whom I have yet to meet. I live in PA and work in MD. The agency is called Critical Care Staffing and their number is 410-265-6977. Jessica and Jenni are the girls and they are great. Pay is comparable....actually very good!