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Hey everyone :) Just have a general question. I am changing my major from business :rolleyes: to nursing and wanted to know if Coppin State's Nursing School was any good. My aunts went... Read More

  1. by   IzzyTheRN08
    actually ujones, the most current stats supplied by the maryland bon include july '08 up until june 30th, 2009, so about half of your graduating class (may '09) may be included in those numbers depending on when they took their nclex exam.

    here are the bsn totals for the state july '08-june 30th '09

    bsn degree programs first time testers number passing passing rate
    bowie state university 27 21 77.78%
    columbia union college
    [color=#050505][color=#050505][color=#050505]+ [color=#050505][color=#050505][color=#050505]25 21 84.00%
    coppin state university** 98 68 69.39%
    johns hopkins university 252 228 90.48%
    salisbury university 76 73 96.05%
    towson university 123 95 77.24%
    university of maryland 192 178 92.71%
    stevenson university 53 46 86.79%

    [color=#050505][color=#050505][color=#050505]bsn degree total 846 730 84.23%

    (taken from

    i think you have to take a few things into consideration:
    -whether or not you want to get your bsn off the bat
    -consider nclex pass rates
    -what resourses does the college offer for tutoring/financial aid/nclex prep
    -what are the pre-reqs?
    -cost of education

    just a few things to think about...good luck w/ your decision. i think that if you study and utilize the resources available you should be able to make it wherever you decide on nursing school!
  2. by   thenameismac
    IzzytheRN08 that was an awesome response and I think you are absolutely right. No one should blame the school for them not passing Nursing school when in fact they really didn't utilize all of their resources.

    A girl I know said that she couldn't write a 2 page report. I said you can't or don't want to. She said can't. I said well have you looked up anything on the internet. She said no because she can't write a 2 page paper. I said have you asked the teacher for help. She said no because she can't write a 2 page paper. I said well i rest my case. You aren't trying to write the two page paper.

    So I agree (however, there are those few cases in which sometimes no cares enough to help those in need).
  3. by   UjonesRN
    Izzy thanks for your stats... Yes I know how the results are calculated... My class started taking the nclex July 1st so we are not in the current stats posted on mbon.. Nursing school is what you make it... You have people that come from schools with the best scores who don't know jack and you have people that come from a school with low scores that are excellent nurses. When it all bulls down its all about passing the nclex.... You can be an A student and fail the nclex and be a C student and pass... Its all about understanding the test question and having a strong foundation of core nursing information....
  4. by   ccutie
    Hello Everyone, does anyone know the deadline to apply for the fall 2010 semester? And is it a 2 or 3 year program?
  5. by   thenameismac
    Quote from ccutie
    Hello Everyone, does anyone know the deadline to apply for the fall 2010 semester? And is it a 2 or 3 year program?

    I applied to the University for Spring 2010 but had to push it to Fall 2010 but i don't think the deadline is for a while at Coppin. There is no wait for the Nursing Program but you might want to apply well before May because I do believe that it the deadline for that. They said they will start sending out letters in June so yeah and the testing (NET) will be given from Jan-May (I think). The thing with the Nursing Program is that once you qualify and send it your app. you get in the program but once they are full they stop accepting NET scores (does that make sense?). Good luck.
  6. by   ccutie
    Thanks for replying, have u applied yet?
  7. by   thenameismac
    I applied to the University but not the Nursing school yet. I have to get my letters of recommendations and I am hoping for some of the teachers i have this semester. So yeah. I've been studying for the NET but this is the last year that they will administer and accept the NET scores so yeah, I'm definitely trying to get in for Fall 2010.
  8. by   Iwantobeanurse
    Hello, I am a sophomore in the nursing program and it will depend on what classes you have completed to determine whether it is a 3 or 4 year program but the least is 3. If you come in with a 3.5 or higher average, the net score wont affect your acceptance. You will automatically be accepted. If not make sure you prepare for the test. The NET scores are the main thing for them unless you have a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Good luck...
  9. by   KimberlyRN89
    I remember Coppin State came to my school last year for transfer day & they told me that if you have a 3.2 GPA or higher you do not have to take the NET.
  10. by   thenameismac
    I barely have the minimun which is why I and really counting on the NET but that's so good to know that if you have a GPA that high you don't have to take the NET. is the program so far?
  11. by   ccutie
    Is it a 3.2 or a 3.5? If its a 3.2 then im in a really good position, hopefully it is.
  12. by   Iwantobeanurse
    I still have my letter from last year inviting me to take the NET. It states if your GPA is 3.5 or higher, you are automatically accepted no matter your score. However, everyone is required to take the NET no matter if you had a GPA of 3.5 or not. I had a GPA 0f 3.3 and I still had to get the scores needed to be accepted into the program which was a 70 in reading and 80 in math. If anything call the school directly to get a direct answer. Good luck!
  13. by   ccutie
    Thanks a lot! Hows the program and the school?