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Hey everyone :)

Just have a general question. I am changing my major from business :rolleyes: to nursing and wanted to know if Coppin State's Nursing School was any good. My aunts went there and seemed to enjoy it. I really want to go to UMB but since I just recently changed my major I don't have the prerequisites for it. Coppin State you don't need pre-reqs. to get in so I was thinking of going there getting the credits needed and then transferring to UMB's Nursing Program. If anyone can tell me if Coppin is a good school, and also anything about the school that would be great! Thanks :balloons:


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one of my close friends attends nursing school there. I have heard pretty good things about the school. Everyone that I know that has gone there did the prerequisites first. You need most of them out of the way to go into the higher level nursing classes. UMAB nursing school is also a good school. There are a lot of community colleges in the area also for nursing most require prerequisites be done first. Good Luck! :)


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Does anyone know anything about Bowie State? What are thier facilities like?

Details please....

As it relates to nursing school...:rotfl:


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I currently attend Coppin State and I am in my Freshman year in the program but a sophmore in university standings. To get into the program you need most of your pre reqs like engl101 & 102, math, psych, hist I and a couple more. Then you need to take the Nusring Entrance Test. The advisors and instructor here are really concerned about your well being and the program is challenging. Give it a try you might like it. The onlyproblem with the school is that you have to constantly be on people to find out anything. You don't always get the information you need willingly you have to keep asking, calling and emailing people. You don't know till you try


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Two of my friends graduated from the nursing program at Coppin but both of them failed the NClex Exam, one of my friends had to take it twice.....they both told me they didn't feel prepared after graduating.....this could be for's probably best to take a refresher course or a prep course like Kaplan once you finish, maybe this will cut down on some of the need to retake NCLEX


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Hi I am currently attending Coppin State and I love it. Going into my senior year and looking forward to graduation. I am currently the president of our Nursing Student Association. Let me know if you need more info.


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I went to Bowie State Univ. I graduated in their first BSN class. Bowie is a new program and just graduated their second class. They are going through the new program issues but in a few years their program will be one of the best.


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I went to Bowie State Univ. I graduated in their first BSN class. Bowie is a new program and just graduated their second class. They are going through the new program issues but in a few years their program will be one of the best.


That's good to know. I thought of applying there. I got accepted to CCBC Essex for the fall, but I may apply to Bowie anyway.


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I am attendin Coppin State Univ also and I love it. This is my senior year so I have seen the program from start to finish. Please direct any questions about the program to Alejuandria, president of the NSA, or myself. It is a great program. Its the CHEAPEST BSN program in Maryland! The instructors here are passionate about your learning. :mortarboard:


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There are many ways to evaluate a nursing program. That having been said, it doesn't bode well that Coppin State has failed to meet the Maryland BON's NCLEX first-time passing standards three of the last six years.

If waht you need are pre-req classes, I think your best bet would be to take them at an area community college. The cost will be less, and, in many cases, the education better.

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Greetings, which LPN school did you attend? I am thinking about doing the LPN first and than the RN.

Hi any Coppin students out there...I would love to hear from you. I applied for the fall 20089 semester but never heard back. I'm assuming I got rejected because I got a 67 on the Reading section on the NET both times. I was sad because I really wanted to go there!!! Also, I wouldnt have had ENG 102 done in time to sign up for my Level 2 nursing classes. Anyway now I'm finishing up my last science class(microbio) at CCBC and am planning on applying again.

I heard from Mr. Best and Mr. Boyd that they're going to be using the TEAS this time instead of the NET. I already took the TEAS for CCBC and got an 84.1 overall and a 90 in hopefully that helps.

I also heard that they are planning on changing the cirriculum to a two year how UMB, Hopkins, and Towson has...does anyone know anything about this..???

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